Bunya Mountains

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G Dog
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Bunya Mountains

Unread post by G Dog » Fri Feb 02, 2018 9:12 am

New member. Just have an interest with no particular experiences that I would put down to a definite encounter with anything. Only things I can't be sure of and I do like to be sure.
A mate was in the Bunya Mountains recently, doubt he would be interested in outing himself on the subject, and he and his friend observed something going through the bush bending trees over as it traveled.
As explained to me something was moving through the bush and as it moved, the trees beside it, of reasonable size, were being pushed aside/ bent so they were able to see where whatever it was, was heading. They viewed this for some time as it moved down a hill near their location. They did not see what it was and were not interested in going to find out. They figured they should probably head the other way.
So on a still day, certain trees were bending over as something moved through the bush. Make sense?
They have at other times had experiences with something in the bush that they have not actually seen, that moves quickly and powerfully. They spend alot of time hunting in the area for pigs with dogs.
I have searched a fair bit on the internet for reports from the Bunya's but haven't found much.
Any of you lot know if there are any other reports from the Bunya's?

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Re: Bunya Mountains

Unread post by Dion » Fri Feb 02, 2018 9:30 am

Hey G Dog

Sounds very similar to an experience I had up the top of Mt Warning one year, you could hear something walking through the thick bush snapping branches while it went. I didnt see anything, you could hear it all unfolding all the while the local bird life going berserk.

Dont know of anything at Bunya Mountains so to speak but they would be there.

Thanks for sharing.
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Re: Bunya Mountains

Unread post by Rusty2 » Fri Feb 02, 2018 3:41 pm

Hey G Dog , a person once contacted me about Bunya mountains , they witnessed a yowie , can't remember the details but from what that person was saying it sure sounded like something was there .

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