Possible Vocalisation

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Possible Vocalisation

Unread post by Pyotr » Sat Feb 24, 2018 1:40 pm

I was scrolling through my facebook feed this morning when an interesting little bit of
Clickbait caught my attention.
It read "Forest produces bizarre sounds that can be used in horror movies".
My interest piqued and I had a look at the clip, which showcased a few rather loud roaring- like
vocalisations being heard quite clearly out in the Canadian woods, while someone looks on filming in

The clip was stated to have been filmed in Moricetown, British Columbia, Canada on the 16th of December
I'm not sure whether anyone else has already seen this or not, but I thought it might be interesting enough
post on here, and gain a few opinions of those more learned than I on this subject.
People have speculated that it could be an elk mating call, or coyote or other such animal, but what strikes
me is the volume and the distinct timbre of the vocalisation.
I do realise that the clip itself was posted on a 'viral' youtube channel, and the article I found it in being 'clickbait'
as well, and as such its authenticity might be somewhat questionable, but nevertheless I'd thought I'd share it here.
Anyway, have a little look and let mew know what you think, Cheers!!


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