Rock Stacking

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Rock Stacking

Unread post by Searcher » Tue Apr 24, 2018 1:28 pm

Yowies... eat your heart out!

Most have heard they like to make rock stacks...but there are humans who take this art form to a very different level.

This morning's Herald Sun had an amazing picture of a large arch bridge rock stack at the European Championships. There were over 30 competitors from around the world on a beach at Dunbar, near Edinburgh.

One of the best stackers on the planet is a man named Michael Grab. Seems he just grabs those rocks and defies gravity with them. :D

For some light entertainment and highly creative photography, check out this short video here.

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Re: Rock Stacking

Unread post by TheBlackStump » Tue Apr 24, 2018 9:42 pm

Cool video Searcher

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