Finally the ever annoying Pilliga yowie footage proven a hoax

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Finally the ever annoying Pilliga yowie footage proven a hoax

Unread post by paulmcleod67 » Wed Jun 20, 2018 6:27 pm

The original video has been removed by the owner indicating that YES IT WAS INDEED A HOAX... (well Duh).

My review/ examination version is now the only surviving copy on youtube. Sadly people who don't read video descriptions
mistakenly direct their anger towards my channels breakdown version.

AND SO THE ABUSE BEGAN IN 2016....(An interesting and amusing story of viewer hatred)
Admittedly it was one of my first Yowie subject matter video uploads (Published on Jun 27, 2016).
Being an enthusiastic Yowie video researcher (a greenhorn with no footage of my own) I did not explain what it was intended to be at the time. Originally I made the video breakdown out my own curiosity and wanted to see stills, slowed video motion and to adjust the audio so I could actually hear any sounds made by the so called yowie.
The ladies scream annoyed me to no end and so I removed it in the initial play back and then in on the following loop left it in.

I had no intention of uploading the video I had just pulled to bits for my own amusement.
Sadly however in my over enthusiastic newbie enthusiasm I neglected to include or even make, an audio commentary as to why I thought the footage was a pile of old bollocks.

I assumed that blind freddy could see it was a skinny legged bloke with a goat skin on...if only I bothered to mention that in what I had just uploaded to my bloody channel.

I had zero original video content to upload at that time(as there are not very many Yowie sightings on Bondi beach where we lived) and the few photographs I had taken in 2012 near West Wyalong were shithouse dark despite firing off a blistering amount of digital camera flashes (I must have pushed that camera button over a dozen times that night just for the flash effect) I posted what frames I were on the camera here on this very board...

By 2016 I had a research plan and had compiled, and mapped as many yowie reports as I could find but other than writing and reading lot I had nothing visually interesting to share. I was keen as a bean with nothing to be seen. Take a peak at these early lemons I uploaded.
There was my video of my version of David Paulidies police sketch artists version of the Patterson still frame version of what was filmed in 1967 near Bluff creek. (1967 was also my birth year incidentally)

Then there was my video that attempted to animate two frames produced by another hoaxer calling himself Mark Anders. He was the guy that swore black and blue that he had definitive and detailed videos of bigfoot but he only ever produced a few still frames covered in his water mark graffiti...

Then there was this pile of c**p image uploaded by a Craig Williams in 2012 of a supposed giant Quinkin on the roadside.
At the time I thought it was a HUUUUUGE deal because a roll model of mine at the time wrote on Craigs video comments "Thats Freaky Craig, looks like a quinkin" (What was that blokes name?....what was it again...? Oh yeah The Rusty222) Well if the Rustys222 was mildly interested in that image It was my chance to impress the legends.Craigs one image pixelated video (in my mind) was to become crystal clear evidence and proof positive of...well I wasn't sure...but I bet TheRustys222 would love it...(ummm not...)

The irony here is that out of all those c**p videos of which I was directly responsible for polluting the internet with, the only video I get regular,persistent, lengthy, and dedicatedly well thought and angry, angry comments...comments so hatey they might have been written by a group of trolls so big they bang their heads on the underside rivetts that bolt the Sydney harbour bridge together...Big green Shreks with fat pudgy fingers...that strangely enough can probably swipe left on Tinder because one mentioned his wife being less hated than the Pilliga Yowie video.... No matter how many time I state that it's is not my footage...It has to be mine because the just sawed it...they sawed it and it wasted a minute of their very important time....

The comments section of that video are an hilarious read.
Oh and AZAR AZAR another hoaxer has been run out of Dodge.

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