Behavior of the yowie

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Behavior of the yowie

Unread post by GECKO » Sat Jul 07, 2018 2:26 pm

Are yowies good or bad?
Growing up i only ever heard of bigfoot/yowies being big shy gentle creatures that were the guardians of the bush and did more good than harm.
Eg: one story i read when i was a kid was about a woman that rolled her car and had it stuck on its roof in a ditch, she claims of a bigfoot pushing her car back onto its wheels then walking off.
I also heard that they are herbivores witch made sence being a guardian and protector to all animals.
These days i only hear of missing people that just disappear when bush walking and no body's are found and how people get rocks chucked at them and warning growls etc:
Could they be like us in the way that we have good people and nasty people?
Some of the bushland i walk makes me a bit worried now because i haven't heard of a good bigfoot story for a while.
Territorial behaviour is my thought but it makes no sence why people have encounters in popular mountain rangers. Territorial behaviour will cause every person that goes there to have an encounter, not just 1 or 2 people every 5 to 10 years..
What are your thoughts and have you heard any good bigfoot/yowie stories?

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Re: Behavior of the yowie

Unread post by adventurer » Fri Jul 13, 2018 4:49 pm

Hi, i dont think anyone needs a great bigfoot story, i feel you just need to listen to them and discover they are not all bad. I think of course they are just like us, good and bad ones.But if you really listen you will discover things like the rock throwing dont make them bad or viscous. With us anyway they never aimed at hitting us directly, and when they did its simply pebbles getting thrown under our knee height. After being with them countless times i believe its another form of communication. Yes, it scared me at first, but now i wait for it and smile, them simply stating there here. They play games, call you in, walk along side you, tree knock back, mimic your sounds.But i believe to enter areas where you know they see humans regularly and they know we do not have the power to hurt them. If you get a rapport with them it wouldnt surprise me if they did step in and help us out if we ever did run into any trouble out there with drug runners or a ivan milatte or whoever. I truelly believe they are somethin special.
On the other hand,
I would never go out in deep remote places, if they dont see people much at all, they could perceive you as dangerous. I would expect them to be very aware and angry. A lot of missing people go for miles out in the middle of no where. I certainly believe there are bad ones.And i certainly wouldnt like to come across one.
You wouldnt get many great stories as people get scared, run and dont go back.

My thoughts so far anyway. Dee

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