possible yowie sighting story from another forum

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possible yowie sighting story from another forum

Unread post by micathia » Tue Jul 31, 2018 3:18 pm

I have been reading through many forums today, all about weird things people saw on their dirt bikes, or hunting trips etc.

Yowie is not often mentiond except the following copy and paste. Please note before this single report of possible yowies, I have read many witness on naked people bush walking, suicide attempts in the bush, and weird rave party in the middle of nowhere. (don't know if the OP a member of this forum too)

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I have this and another post in another forum. I feel like a fool talking about these "incidents" as not a lot of city folks have been out there.
I am a believer. Before this and a few other things happened in the bush I would roar laughing.
I don't now...

My Scary moment.
Please do not bag me out about what I did.
Just read it.
A few years back me and two mates were camping way out the back of Delegate. Just above NSW and Victorian border.
After a long days hike Deer shooting we decided to set up camp in an old gold mining site. We could get our vehicles in close and there was a nice clear stream nearby.
After the meal was had, Including some nice fresh trout, out came the refreshing Ale's and we settled down to let our meal digest.
I always kept a rifle nearby as snakes and wild dog's were a bit of a problem and it needed to be cleaned and oiled for the next day.
I do wish to state that I always respected the dangers and responsible approach in owning and operating a high powered hunting rifle and was respected for it.
We could hear some Dingo's, or wild dogs a few miles away and after a while we started to notice that they seemed to be getting closer.
As the night progressed we forgot about them and concentrated on spinning out the usual banter around a camp fire. You know, "My story is bigger and better than yours" type of thing.
It was about an hour after we last heard the dog's howling we noticed that the bush had gone quite, Very quite.
Having a hunters instinct this did not go down very well but we went back to what we were talking about.
Then the poo hit the fan.
As I was talking to my mate I said to them both, "Fella's just keep doing what we are and don't get up or any thing."
I looked at my mate sitting opposite from me and said, "Mate, when I say duck, Hit the dirt hard and plug your ears with your thumbs. I am going to put a shot just of to your left and about 8 Feet in the air. DON"T get up."
I breached my gun slowly on the ground and counted to 5 then Yelled "DUCK"
Both my mates hit the dirt and I lifted, aimed, made sure of what I was doing was OK aimed and fired.
I tell you what the sound of a 243 going of in a dead quite bush is deafening.
All hell let loose.
A bloody big black shape took of from behind the tree about 50 meters away that I ploughed a shot into. There was a hell of a racket both on our right and left sides as something smashed it's way through the bush in the opposite direction's.
We grabbed the most precious things from the camp and bolted as fast as we could.
we went back 2 days later and collected the rest of our gear. I lost 2 Esky's over that. They had been chewed to bits by wild dog's or what ever. We went and had a look as to where the bullet hit and it was aprox 8 feet of the ground. I aimed a foot above the target.
What happened was as I was looking at my mate while I was talking to him I spotted a pair of eye's peering out from behind the tree that I shot. :huh:
Only problem was they were about 7 to eight feet of the ground.
We never went back there at night again.
I reported the incident to the local copper stating the reason why I did not shoot directly at what ever it was, It could have been some idiot dressed in a monkey suit or some thing similar. If it was they would be a bloody idiot and expect a nasty reaction from any one put in that situation.
It was a bit wrong of me to do it but it was regarded as a well placed warning shot.
He did not report me for being dangerous with a rifle as what I did would well, nearly be expected thing to do.
He did say that there had been a few "weird" things happening out that way for a few months and it would be best to stay away a while.
We agreed.
thx for reading :)

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Re: possible yowie sighting story from another forum

Unread post by micathia » Tue Jul 31, 2018 3:22 pm

here is a follow up post by the same person:

You would have read my post. smile smile
That was just one encounter. (In that case we were being surrounded for some reason)
There are just things out in the bush that if you spoke about them any body would think you are a nut case.
Yowies to me are a very smart intelligent being.
Harmless unless threatened like any wild animal.
I really wish that I had a camera set up and filming at the right time.
Like everyone says but, Seeing is believing and I have had some very close run in's with these people including the chance to shoot one. There is no way that I would do that as described in my post.
With the other encounter I actually had one lined up within a rifle scope. I dropped the gun down and waved at it.
The yowie knew he was stuffed. But when I dropped the rifle and waved at him he just stared at me then ambled off into the bush. I got the impression he thanked me for that by just the way he reacted.
Leave them alone and they will leave you alone.
A true believer.

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Re: possible yowie sighting story from another forum

Unread post by Doorway » Wed Aug 01, 2018 5:48 pm

Lucky he did not hit it.
if he did they would probably had to scrape him up from many small pieces. (oops)

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