Pintupi-1 Skull

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Pintupi-1 Skull

Unread post by Bÿrn Jaoél » Mon Sep 24, 2018 1:21 am

Pintupi-1 Skull

Prediction: there will be the discovery of non-sapiens hominid skeletal remains in Australia sometime in the next ten years. Did they already find them years ago at Kow swamp? And lake Mungo?

lf Pintupi-1 was found in Indonesia you’d have to ask would it be seen as H.sapiens? If floresiensis could get to Flores I can’t see why erectus or an erectus/denisova couldn’t get to oz. And we have the evidence for the latter in Australasian/Melanesian DNA
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Re: Pintupi-1 Skull

Unread post by inthedark » Mon Sep 24, 2018 12:30 pm

Great pics, and an interesting comparison!

My only beef is that the final skull (modern human) is overtly caucasoid. It also appears to have an unnaturally tall and rounded (fill in) cranial piece. I would submit that this is an unusual example of modern human - probably from pure Nordic stock. A skull from a mixed race Eurasian or similar would be the best representation of the 'universal' modern human. I suspect such a skull would also be more in line with the first two examples.

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