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Unread post by TheBlackStump » Fri Dec 14, 2018 8:00 pm

IMO an interesting interview by David Wilcock with some guy that is in a secret US government underground programme. I have only posted below the text part of interview relating to hairy people. I have held the view that in some way hairy people , UFOs and ETs are related. Seems like maybe the hairy folks have a given task on earth. (taz) (alien)

_______________________________________________________________________ ... ll-whites/

David: I’m curious about whether you ever saw something that would look like the Yeti or the Bigfoot while you were working in these facilities, because some people have reported things like that.

Emery: Yeah, I mean, I have personal experience with the Bigfoot, and the skunk apes, and the Yetis, and all the different types of . . .

I remember in my teen years, around 16 years of age, there was a large white Chewbacca-type being, 8’~9′ tall, and I was camping out in Florida down in the south, near the Everglades.

6 Chewbacca Being
And it was probably around 150 yards away. It was far, but it was an open field. It was at dawn.

And I just saw this being walking next to the fence line. And it was like 5′ higher than the fence posts, which were 4′ tall.

And the stride of this thing was, like, over 6′. And I literally stopped in my tracks and watched this thing walk all the way across.

And when I go back and check the dates, now that there are these things online – you can look for spottings of these extraterrestrials – I’ve noticed that in the area I was, this being has been seen many, many times by many people, and that was a great confirmation for me.

It was greater confirmation for me when I started working in the labs to actually see these beings.

7 Chewbacca 2
These beings have been here a very long time. They work with the Inner Earth beings. They’re here to collect and gather data and DNA from all the living species and plants and water and animals in the water and fish and everything.

And they’re cataloging this and putting it on a type of vault somewhere in order to preserve what Earth really is – kind of a museum for Earth somewhere.

And that’s why you can never get these guys on film too much, because they have the ability to teletransport themselves at will.

David: Really?

Emery: Yes. And they can be very mysterious and get out of somewhere really quick.

David: Well, I just want to say this: It is amazing that we don’t have a widespread understanding of the reality of Bigfoot given the thousands and thousands of eyewitness sightings, the tracings of footprints, the very bizarre cases of property damage, where fingernail marks have clawed right through vehicles, and things like this.

Why do you think we have such a hard time accepting these eyewitness testimonies of Bigfoot?

Emery: Well, you know, these are very large animals. I don’t consider them too much human, I’ll say. But they have a consciousness and they have a job to do.

And they’re probably the lowest-maintenance extraterrestrial that I know.

And what that means is: they can be dropped on a planet with nothing and gather these items and catalog them and store them somewhere, and then, like the movie “Predator”, where they come down and hunt people and then take all their skulls back.

So imagine this guy is coming down and snatching up a bunch of lavender and daisies. Ha, ha.

David: So they’re not doing anything violent?

Emery: No.

David: Okay.

Emery: No, they’re not allowed to. They’re actually prohibited from hurting any type of living creature.

David: Wow!

Emery: So they could take your hair, but they can’t take your head.

David: So what you’re describing here sounds like a fairly intelligent being. Do they have communication skills? Could they speak, or do they have a telepathic . . .

Emery: Yeah, they’re the other ones that use their vocal chords to voice, and also they can do, like, . . . Elephants have this ability to send these large thumps through the ground, and these things can be heard for miles and miles and miles and miles away by another elephant.

So they have that ability, and that’s why people hear really weird shrieks. They hear really weird thumping sounds.

People usually say it’s someone banging on a tree or something, you know, and not so much that.

And they can communicate that way too if they, let’s say, have a sore belly and they can’t use their diaphragm to make these noises.

David: There do seem to be different types of Bigfoot. And so since we’re out of time now, I just want to round this out with: Do you think that there might be some that are not necessarily on this mission and are less intelligent and more primal and dangerous?

Emery: I’ve read some documents in my classified, compartmentalized projects that stated that they have . . . If they get sick or something happens to them, they cannot use their teletransportation abilities, and they get lost or left behind on many planets, and they have to stay there indefinitely.

And these are some of the lost ones that are hiding in the . . . But they’re very adaptable, and they like to work alone. They’re very solitude-type extraterrestrials that I heard only mate maybe once a lifetime.

David: If they were going to teletransport back to where they came from, where would that be? Do you know anything about their origins?

Emery: No, I don’t know anything about their origins, but I know they know . . . They have an indistinctive way to trace portals on the Earth, like natural portals on the Earth, not man-made portals, that they know where to go, and they might travel vast distances to do that.

But they will never go through a city, or they’re not allowed to interact with the beings from any planet.

David: Last question, real quick: Did you see them in the underground bases? Was there some loophole where they could actually work with us in these classified facilities?

Emery: I’ve only seen dead ones.

David: Oh, really? So they didn’t actually work in these underground bases with the rest of us?

Emery: They said . . . There’s some rumors that they have. And I have seen things from far away that look like them.

And there are catalogs of them being on the base, but I have not worked physically with one.

David: Okay, cool.

Emery: Yeah.

David: Well, Emery, this is really fascinating. I want to thank you for coming out and giving us all this amazing information.

Emery: Thanks.

David: And I want to thank you for watching. This is “Cosmic Disclosure” with our special guest, Emery Smith.

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Unread post by bassplyr » Fri Dec 14, 2018 8:58 pm

Hate to step on any toes or hurt any feelings but I'd dismiss this as fantasy story telling. Wilcox is a charlatan.

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Unread post by TheBlackStump » Sat Dec 15, 2018 5:09 am

Listen to all , follow none.
Keep an open mind to all possibilities of reality no matter how strange it may sound to your opinions/beliefs. The weirdest possibilities may actually be fact.
Some say a great awakening of humanity is very close. We will see in time. By design the human race has been dumbed down and lied to......
In any case Wilcock was simply interviewing the guy and and asking questions , Wilcock was not providing the info.

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Unread post by TheBlackStump » Sun Dec 16, 2018 1:45 pm

Links to Youtube and other articles re Bigfoot possibly being of extraterrestial/alien origin. ... 07&bih=640 ... rial+alian

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Unread post by TheBlackStump » Sun Dec 16, 2018 2:22 pm

Interesting interview with a Cherokee re bigfoot/sasquatch origins......

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Unread post by Wolf » Sun Dec 16, 2018 9:23 pm

I'm more open-minded than most, but seriously?... not 'allowed' to harm animals? That contradicts the numerous witness reports of them hunting and killing deer, dogs, coyotes, etc.

In summation... (c**p)
The mightiest oak was once a nut that stood his ground

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Unread post by TheBlackStump » Sun Dec 16, 2018 9:44 pm

Agree about the not allowed to harm..... yes it does contradict some witness reports

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