BATATUT: The Rock Apes of Vietnam

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Bÿrn Jaoél
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BATATUT: The Rock Apes of Vietnam

Unread post by Bÿrn Jaoél » Sat Jan 19, 2019 7:04 pm

lve recently been looking into reports of the Batatut or Rock Apes of Vietnam. Until now these hominoid cryptids had escaped my attention. Most reports paint the picture of a medium size(~5ft) bipedal ape that lives in the dense forests in groups. Many reports also indicate that these groups are often led by an agressive alpha male who's hair turns to a dark red-black. Note the difference between these Batatu types with other reported hominoid cryptids of the greater Indo-asian region like the Ebu Gogo/Orang Pendek types(diminutive) in both stature AND solitary/group behaviour.

I wonder the difference/similarity in species type between the Alma of central Asia, the Yeti of the Himlayan region, the Batatut of Vietnam/Laos/Cambodia and the Yowie.

My Dad was in the Vietnam war. Ill ave to ask if he ever heard or saw anything...

Vietnam "Strange Encounters With Rock Apes"

The Batutu
The Wild Man in Myth and Flesh: An Introduction To Relict Hominids...

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Re: BATATUT: The Rock Apes of Vietnam

Unread post by PaulUFO » Sun Jan 20, 2019 1:28 am

In Cambodia it is located in the eastern states, There is a few names for it that I can't remember what they are, but Tek Tek is one.

On the Last Yowie Files Newsletters 2018 - I had a picture of a local statue of 2 of them [1 Big, 1 small]

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