The 'Bluff Creek Conspiracy'

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The 'Bluff Creek Conspiracy'

Unread post by Wolf » Sat Jan 26, 2019 10:40 pm

Just finished listening to MK Davis and his research into the 'Bluff Creek Conspiracy'.
Some elements really got me thinking, such as the corporate greed aspect: In fact I would find it easier to believe the big logging companies DID try and commit genocide against troops resident in 'their' logging leases rather than did not... after all, $$$ is all that matters.
And bearing in mind how 'accepted' it was amongst many folks back then to treat other races (such as the First Nations peoples) as inferior and little better than animals, surely such folks would be even less hesitant to 'eradicate the pests' threatening the company's income?
Indeed such eradication efforts would go a long way to explaining why even today Sasquatch existence is kept under wraps (to hide the crimes of the past)?
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Re: The 'Bluff Creek Conspiracy'

Unread post by TheBlackStump » Sun Jan 27, 2019 5:36 am

Hi Wolf

Good point. It is all about the mighty $$$ for both government and the loggers.

That jogged my memory of a thread on this forum going back to maybe year or more ago. From memory........ the thread went like....

Closer to home logging truck drivers down in Tassie have made anon reports of Thylacine they had seen crossing roads in the forest. So they are obviously not extinct. The TAS gov would know this but chooses to ignore/deny it. If they had to shut down the forest to logging due to protecting endangered species then gov would lose a large tax income b/c logging companies would not operate and logging workers would be out of work also.

Also there was talk of a fox baiting programme in the forests in Tas. I recall someone commenting that there is no foxes in Tas. So if no foxes is true then was/is the TAS gov baiting programme covertly an attempt to eliminate the Thylacine and not foxes to protect the logging industry ?

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Re: The 'Bluff Creek Conspiracy'

Unread post by Mad Academic » Sun Jan 27, 2019 3:53 pm

Just a couple of comments on the forest/Thylacine/fox thingy.

Firstly, Thylacines didn't generally live in forests (that are logged)...they tended to live in more open "dry-sclerophyll" scrub and button-grass plain country, where they could run and hunt. They can't run and hunt easily in thick forest.
Secondly, even if logging disturbed them, they could move on and find somewhere else to live. Read the comments by Hans Naarding after his clear sighting in 1982.
Thirdly, having lived in Tas for a while, I can tell you that the locals are utterly afraid of the thought of foxes coming here and getting established. I am quite willing to believe that they spent $25 million (one estimate I read) to try to poison any strays. Also, 1080, the poison used for foxes, does not work so well on native animals. So, if they were trying to eliminate the thylacine it was a poor choice.
Finally, all their forest industries are running in the red...they have to be propped up with various forms of help. On the other hand, can you imagine the tourist influx that would occur if it could be proven the thylacine did exist? (If they had any brains they'd put one in a zoo and just charge $1000 per person for a 5 minute look...that would be a nice little earner!) (claps hands)

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