Yowie's reverse feet (I have a theory now)

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Yowie's reverse feet (I have a theory now)

Unread post by micathia » Tue Dec 01, 2020 9:24 pm


Just to share my new theory on the myth of reverse feet.

I had a motorbike accident a month ago, what my body went through, interestingly, after a month it let me come up to this theory.

Long story short, I was on my motorbike (a 200kg Harley) and this car hit me from my right (her fault). So I lost balance, the bike slid for 10 metres on the right side with my right leg in between the bike and the road. Then I found myself lying on my back, but the right foot stuck tight between 200kg bike and road. I couldn't stand up.

My right foot was reversed! I swear, more than 180 degrees and stuck there. The boot was twisted badly. I wasn't naked so I can't tell how it could reverse by more than 180 degree. I didn't feel pain at all. So in order to standup, I had to turn my whole body clockwise upside down (180 degrees) into a doggy style then pull my right foot out. I could stand up no problem after. No injury to the foot.

After the event, I try to duplicate my foot position while i was standing up or lying on bed, in any case, I couldn't do it. 60 degree outwards is my best try. If combine with leg twist, 90 degree then can't turn any further.

But I think my foot, or anyone's foot, on that special occasion, can turn reversely. Or experienced yoga practioners can do that spontaneously too?

So that comes to my theory, I think yowies can do that too, spontaneously reverse and walk for a short distance. Maybe a young female yowie would want do that to get away with an annoying male yowie? or they do this to get away from aboriginal ancestors?

Reverse feet is not just a yowie thing, American sasquatch has this myth too, so does Chinese "wild man", can't be a makeup?

Your thought?

PS: I can reverse my hand 180 degrees but no more, I have seen people can twist for 270 degrees (three quarters).

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Re: Yowie's reverse feet (I have a theory now)

Unread post by bluer » Wed Dec 02, 2020 12:06 pm

Hi micathia

I'm not to sure about walking with reverse foot but I can turn either one of my feet to face the opposite way with no pain not sure why or how but I can just do it could be a double jointed thing so I'm sure a yowie could too and be able to walk
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Re: Yowie's reverse feet (I have a theory now)

Unread post by aaq » Thu Dec 03, 2020 7:48 am

I'm sorry to hear about your crash micathia, it sucks when another car doesn't see you, can end up pretty nasty.

I've read about the trackers reaching a dead end, no yowie, footprints ending, etc.

Ive read, for example in Sasquatch by Dr Meldrum, that a lot of primates (chimps, apes, certainly people, probably yowie) are aware of their own footprints. The context in that book was chimps moving over long distances. When their tracks were visible, they knew the chimps behind would be able to follow. When tracks were not visible, they would break branches, push sticks into the ground up to 8", to let the chimps behind follow.

It a yowie walked along with reversed feet, you would see a very unnatural gait, stride, it would look like left foot on the right, right foot on the left, both turned outwards. Weight distribution and compression of the ground would be very strange too. It would certainly not look like classic footprints anyway.

If yowies are aware of their tracks, Occam's Razor probably points to their moving towards ground that doesn't hold prints well, moving off track, moving to rocky ground, I dunno, rather than reversing their feet and walking along.

It makes a good story, but you'd have to see the prints yourself to look at weight distributions, foot direction and things like that, and if there was ground around that doesn't hold prints that they can then move to.

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