Book - Enoch by Autumn Williams

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Book - Enoch by Autumn Williams

Unread post by aaq » Fri Dec 11, 2020 6:55 pm

Just finished reading this. This book is about a guy who befriends a sasquatch/skunk ape in a Florida swamp. I don't know exactly what had happened but he'd had a rough trot in life and liked to get out away from people a bit.

He found some prints on the edge of a creek and started then to look for what it was. I think it took around 4 years of continually going there before he cracked some contact and started to get regular visits, all based around food and giving this skunk ape his personal space. He then spent I guess about 6 years or more befriending this large male, had some close calls, witnessed gatherings, juveniles and a very sad burial.

Its a really interesting book - that's an understatement actually. It really turns the Yowie research thing on it's head, going into the bush with a camera trying to get a photo and this being a guaranteed way to not get contact, vs good intentions, trust, respect, understanding they're the boss of their bush, everything happens on their terms.

I won't try and do it justice but I would call it a must read for anybody interested in the topic, but especially those looking for genuine experiences, habituation or those who've had repeated experiences.

Give it a read.

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Re: Book - Enoch by Autumn Williams

Unread post by Thumper » Wed Dec 23, 2020 11:09 pm

I’ve read the book. I’m undecided if it is fiction or not. Which is unusual for me as I can usually make up my mind. If i had to make a call I would lean towards it being bullshit or more politely ‘fiction’.

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