Paranormal Odyssey Podcast.

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Paranormal Odyssey Podcast.

Unread post by Ants77 » Mon Jun 03, 2013 8:37 pm

G'day Everyone,
Hope your all well and good, of late the Yowie research has given me many opportunities For me. One is I'm now have a show called the Paranormal Odyssey Podcast. I run the show with a friend from Oklahoma. We talk all Paranormal, Ghosts, Ufo's, Yowie/Bigfoot.
We interview heaps of researchers from all walks of life around the world. So far we have had on the show, Stan Deyo, Cliff Barrickman, Mitchell Waite, Jeff Stewart, Alex Hearn, yes MMA legend Bas Rutten as well.
Authors like Varla Ventura to match just to name a few. Plus enter our competitions to win our latest authors works.
I also host a Bigfoot Summit round table, where I get experts from around the globe in the Bigfoot community and we take apart the hoaxers, habituation claims, discuss latest Ketchum results, new footage, evidence, you name it.
Our show is free on iTunes or here's the link to free from Podomatic. ... st&x=0&y=0

Find us on Facebook. Paranormal Odyssey Podcast. Up coming shows.... Tito Ortiz Ghost story, more Bigfoot round tables.

Don't forget to like Ayr's Facebook page before hand. :)

Cheers Ants
Sorry I'm back.

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