Ball Of Light/Person.

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Ball Of Light/Person.

Unread post by MadMan27 » Sun Jun 23, 2013 5:06 pm

After reading so many stories of weird encounters and spooky happenings, I thought I'd share some of my own.

At the end of 2011 I believe in either Nov/December it was quite late at night, around 10:30-11pm. And I was sitting on the lounge using the computer. At which point my sister came out into the dining room then out the back to our outside fridge. When in the dining room there was this bright blue ball of light that looked like it was sucked towards the light, and which then exploded and even the whole globe fell out when it was screwed in tight. Both my sister and I were dumbstruck, it was so bright and was a good 2 feet from the dining room light, but it looked like it was being sucked towards it before exploding. No idea what it was, but gave us the spooks.

Also quite recently whilst sitting up watching tv, I had the backlight on as I was using the barbie to boil eggs for the following morning, (the light usually shines in the laundry,toilet,bathroom). Anyway the toilet door was shut. But while sitting on the lounge buried in facebook lol, I seen what to me looked like a person walking up the hallway and the toilet door opened as the outside light came into the hallway, yet both my parents were asleep in bed and nobody else was here. Creeped me out, I jumped up with a mop and sussed it out, creepy things.

Even a couple of years ago my sister's fiance swears he saw an old man in a suit standing at the end of the bed. Now I'm not bothered my spirits or ghosts, but still hate that creepy stuff, specially at night.

While I'm rambling one of the most times with encounters is back in the day we use to go holidaying with friends and on a couple of occasions family, this house we stayed in always had things happen, the sound of kids running through the house, doors opening (yet they weren't open), sounding of heavy breathing, fishing rod line creaking, sounding like someone using a hammer under the house on the pillars, even family saw a mop swaying side to side, and in the guest book, nearly every entry talked about all the different noises and happenings. Always thought it would be cool if someone went it and sussed it out. I know 2 women died there on seperate occasions. But the hammering creeped me more then anything, and breathing, just laying in bed and hearing someone next to you heave a deep sigh and breathing sounds. Freaked the me hell out.

Anyway thought I'd share some experiences with everyone and see if anyone could explain what the ball of light may of been.

Cheers, MadMan27.

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