Queen victoria memorial hospital.

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Queen victoria memorial hospital.

Unread post by taptap23 » Sun Dec 08, 2013 3:26 pm

I was wondering do you guys think that the queen victoria memorial hospital is haunted?

I find that end of tabelands rd weird in general, who is the owner of it anway?

When i went there there was heaps of cars parked around the hospital.

Its just got one of those creepy feels to it.

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Re: Queen victoria memorial hospital.

Unread post by Bow Hunter » Tue Jan 21, 2014 7:03 pm

it is creepy. but I think most people go there for the view from the cliffs behind the hospital. I used to take my old forby up the track. But don't want to wreck my new one. (casarina's) Great view especially when sun going down.
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Re: Queen victoria memorial hospital.

Unread post by Lumberjack » Wed Apr 16, 2014 9:55 pm

G'day guys,
This is my first post, I found this entry mentioning the old Queen Victoria Hospital and thought I'd stick my nose in.
I've spent A LOT of time in this area, spent a few hours one morning talking to the night security guard at the old hospital, though he didn't tell any stories of strange experiences.
I spent about a year working along the HV power lines that run through Megalong Valley, And up the valley wall across the tableland down to the gorge over the dam.
The area certainly does have an odd feel to it, I never saw any yowies though I do remember finding a few bloodwood trees that seemed to have strange claw marks in the bark, like something large had grabbed it while moving fast and used it to help swing into a change in direction. What was memorable about these marks is they were about 9 feet up and about 8 inches wide, to large for any other animal I know of and in the areas we were in not likely to have been a person. Also a few odd trees snapped off at about the same height or a bit lower, no other trees in the area showing the same damage either.

I have a few other experiences I'll slot in here and there, a couple I'd like to hear people's thoughts and interpretations of because after years of pondering I'm still unable to figure out what if was.


The Lumberjak.

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