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Ghost in Bacchus Marsh,Broardlands Estate.

Posted: Sun May 05, 2019 12:02 pm
by wildtornado
Back in the 1980's my Auntie lived on Broardlands Estate in Bacchus Marsh,Victoria.Back then it was a big dairy farm, now the story go's like this back in the old days 1900's a young man on the property was almost ready to get Married,but his bride to be ran off with another man. The young man was so upset that he hung himself off the old wooden bridge over the Lerderderg River on the property.There is a newer bridge built in about 1974 beside the old bridge.Back in 1980's i was about 12 years old boy and i stayed at aunties house when my dad went duck shooting.One night i went to bed and in middle of the night i seen a reflection in the dresser table it was facing one of the windows.I seen a man on the track outside the window and the sound of chains being dragged along the dirt track and some sort of glow coming from the ghost.