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Paranormal 911

Posted: Tue Jan 05, 2021 2:43 pm
by Searcher
Has anyone been watching this relatively new supernatural series? It's been running on the Crime+Investigation channel on Foxtel. Thanks to the holiday break, I've finally found some time to watch a few episodes from the start of Season 1. They deal with the experiences of first respondents to emergency calls such as Fireys, Police and Paramedics.

Must say I've found them to be highly entertaining and most interesting! The show follows the well proven format of incident dramatisation with actors intercut with a spine chilling description of the ghostly event from the actual eyewitness. Works really well and is helped by the slick production standards. As far as I can tell, the people involved are the real people who experienced the super scary paranormal happening.

Season 2 is complete and runs up to at least S.13, so I've got lots more more other-worldly episodes to watch. Good! Feedback on the net seems quite favourable. Any further comments appreciated. Remember the name... Paranormal 911. And no, it's not a tricked up Porsche. :?

Re: Paranormal 911

Posted: Tue Jan 12, 2021 1:49 pm
by sensesonfire
I've watched a couple of episodes Searcher one was called The Voice about the mannequins moving about the room and the old lady who reports to the police an intruder is in her home cop comes to investigate and is confronted with loud footsteps in the attic and a ghostly apparition turns out to be the ghost of the woman's dead husband the police officer assures her that everything will be alright and she sees him off on the veranda. The other one was about a young girl killed on her motorcycle by a truck driver in the dark of night crash scene officer on her first patrol arrives on the scene to find her ghostly apparition floating around the crash site saying what will my brother say.

The general consensus is the storylines are fake. I have no doubt that these scenarios could occur as the paranormal is real. I don't watch these types of programs with an open mind no need to as I know exactly where they are coming from.
People who are not aware of the supernatural be very careful though as this type of entertainment can have a powerful influence. (scared)

Re: Paranormal 911

Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2021 9:05 am
by Searcher
Since my first post, I have delved a little deeper into the murky waters of Paranormal 911… are the storylines fact or fiction? It would be great to have a contact in the production company to sound out the truth. There is no doubt some creative licence is used, particularly with what the alleged witnesses say and how they say it. The script writers have some obvious influence here.

I still can’t find out for sure, but there is certainly a mixed bag of comments out there, some saying it’s real and others not. Of course we should be sceptical about a lot of things… particularly Pay TV channels that have an unfortunate history of deception. Ratings and the almighty dollar rules… and hang the consequences!

I agree with senses that all the dramatised scenarios are plausible due to supernatural events being a real phenomenon. However, the bottom line is that good production values make for a top 45 minutes of entertainment… that’s if you like watching spooky thrillers! Just a tip. If you are with Foxtel, use the home button to access the show. That way, you can watch the entire series on demand in your own time without any commercials!