a summary of my own understanding on Extraterrestrials/UFO

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a summary of my own understanding on Extraterrestrials/UFO

Unread post by micathia » Mon Aug 13, 2018 1:46 pm

Of course I can't prove anything, these are just a list of my own opinion coming from years of paying interests in this area.

Simply put: Aliens are NOT/NO WAY just "extra-terrestrial", it's more than that:

1. Life, any living beings, you, me, our families and our pets etc. We are all living entities able to access to unknown number of dimensions, however, right now today, we are trapped/confined in a 3-D dimension + 1-D time universe. Our languages, same as our brains, as being developed in this confined universe, therefore are not capable to describe/understand the "life" really is. So we have to pretty much wait for our death, when such confinement been relieved, we will see.
2. Travel in space IS travel in time.
3. Yes, we want to be able to travel XXXX lightyears away to get our ass onto another planet; we also need to be able to, sit our ass on the floor, while get our mind travel across to other dimensions/realms or time etc. Both are important. Only the former is now discussed by scientists now.
4. Aliens, are not just another race who possess higher technology, they are also beings that access across much more dimensions/realms freely than us. Aliens may have a home base, on a planet in some constellation, but they are not confined to it, not like us. We are confined to THIS universe, they are not.
5. When Aliens find us, they pick the shortest path to reach us. But the path they used may not be in our universe. However, when we are trying to catch them, we only think about how to "run faster" in this universe, or how we can just "borrow" another path in other universe (wormhole), in both case, we simply didn't even assume we access other universe than ours.
6. So why we are all confined? because our race is a slave race made by a higher race they made us look alike to them. Such "race manufacturing" is very common practice in universe that happened everywhere. every race is more or less a production by another race. The first race of this universe, they are either long gone or they are the creator, beyond our understanding capability.
7. One day we will be god, we will make our own slave races, however, we will have to make them learn, make them evolve, to the point that they become intelligent and free so that we have to leave them alone. This is exactly what our creator did.

Therefore, my understanding, flying saucer is not the only thing Aliens have. By making a flying saucer or just thinking how to borrow a wormhole to travel but still end up coming back to this universe will not qualify us to be one of them.

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