Use of Language

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Use of Language

Unread post by hillbilly » Fri Oct 27, 2017 9:33 am

This could have been a post under the Brainwashing topic, but I thought that it deserves its own thread.
We could call it Left Speak. The overuse or misuse of terms. Often used to shock or to shut down a conversation.
"Racist", or "racism" is a term that gets a lot of over use. ... s-overused
or ... ord-racist

I was told recently that the Southern Cross signified racism. I was shocked, as I am proud to be an Australian, and I was prompted to dig a little. Seems that some Brainwashed types actually have mixed up Racisn and National Pride, and combine the two. That would make the Australian Flag a sign of racism. It would make the night sky a symbol of racism.
I am sure there are other terms used incorrectly to promote certain agendas or to shut down sensible debate.

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Re: Use of Language

Unread post by Wolf » Fri Oct 27, 2017 10:25 am

Yes, control of the language has been an ongoing tactic employed by those who rule.

A classic example of this are the 'Never-Trumpers', Anti-Fa, etc 'protesting' everywhere. These brainwashed morons love to call anyone who disagrees with them 'Fascist'. The thing is they do so very loudly, intentionally trying to drown out alternative ideas and viewpoints to their own... the very definition of fascism.
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