Do you really own your home and all of your other assets ?

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Do you really own your home and all of your other assets ?

Unread post by TheBlackStump » Sun Dec 17, 2017 7:29 am

Can one really have their home , superannuation ,bank savings and other assets confiscated under laws/agreements we are unaware of. Perhaps so according to......

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Re: Do you really own your home and all of your other assets

Unread post by Wolf » Sun Dec 17, 2017 8:53 am

If you think you own land, sorry you do not. All you 'own' is a tiny square on a piece of paper.

The entity called The Crown 'owns' ALL land in Australia, and this entity is in fact an underling to the Vatican, who incidentally owns the entire planet according to the 'Law' of the papal bull of 1302, Unam Sanctum.

According to this declaration the Pope not only owns the planet, he owns all souls on the planet as well.

Unam Sanctam is one of the most frightening documents of history and the one most quoted as the primary document of the popes claiming their global power. It is an express trust deed. The last line reads: “Furthermore, we declare, we proclaim, we define that it is absolutely necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff.” It is not only the first trust deed in history but also the largest trust ever conceived, as it claims the whole planet and everything on it, conveyed in trust.
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Re: Do you really own your home and all of your other assets

Unread post by Wolf » Sun Dec 17, 2017 9:20 am

Trust Law is the 'next law below' Common Law and is complex for many to understand.

I know several people who have used their knowledge of Trust law to avoid paying fines.
Your 'name' is in fact a Cestui Que Vie Trust... "...a fictional concept created when a child is baptized. It is the parents’ grant of the Baptismal certificate (title to the soul) to the church or Registrar. Thus, without legal title over one’s own soul, we will be denied legal standing and will be treated as things––cargo without souls––upon which the BAR is now legally able to enforce Maritime law.
It is a Temporary Testamentary Trust, first created during the reign of Henry VIII of England through the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1540 and updated by Charles II, through the CQV Act of 1666, wherein an Estate may be effected for the Benefit of a Person presumed lost or abandoned at “sea” and therefore assumed “dead” after seven (7) years."

NOTE: You do not have to be 'baptised' to have a Cestui Que Vie Trust. If you have a birth certificate you have one... granted to the State and 'traded' on the International Bond Market (it is how the govt funds the debt to the Bankster Cartel, which incidentally is why 'the guvmint' pushes so hard for immigration... to increase the money they can borrow using the 'new' citizens as collateral)

How to avoid the financial cost of a fine? Simple, when called in court DO NOT say you are the 'person' called. Instead you declare, "Your Honour, I am the Beneficiary of that estate, as the representative of the State, he (or she) is the Trustee (point to the prosecutor), I will let you sort it out." and LEAVE the court! Do NOT stop, no matter what the prosecutor or magistrate says, just leave.

Why this works? In a trust there are 3 elements: Beneficiary, Trustee, and Administrator (or Executor).
The Beneficiary CANNOT be beneficiary and Trustee at the same time. When you go to court and 'accept' the title given by answering to it (your 'name'), you thereby declare yourself the Trustee and literally switch the roles in court and make yourself liable for everything the 'name' does. If you declare yourself as the Beneficiary the 'State' (represented by the prosecutor) automatically remains in the Trustee position (the mag is the executor/administrator of the trust).

People I know who have used this approach tell me they still get a 'fine' but the balance reads zero... in other words the Trustee has paid the fine (as they are the liable party). Their license will still lose any points 'owed' though.

DISCLAIMER: I personally have not used this exact approach, though I have at timers declared myself the beneficiary and sat back to watch the fireworks. I don't leave. Instead, I remain to "Make sure the estate is not damaged by piracy." It takes balls though as prosecutors (who obviously do NOT want to be the liable party) will usually go off, losing their temper and using intimidating tactics, shouting in your face, etc to 'coerce' you into giving in and assuming the Trustee position. If you stay cool and NEVER MAKE STATEMENTS (only ask questions) the onus stays on the prosecutor to 'prove' their complaint against your estate. Of course, this process ONLY works if you have a magistrate willing to follow the letter of the law. It will NOT work on corrupt ones who ignore the law in order to shear you (unless you have the knowledge and time to follow it up in the Appeals courts).
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Re: Do you really own your home and all of your other assets

Unread post by Wolf » Sun Dec 17, 2017 9:31 am

Find the Birth Certificate is a Bond concept difficult to accept?

You can prove it yourself. get yours out and have a look at it. It will have a number printed on it (usually in red). This is the CUSIP number and until just a couple of years back you could look up your CUSIP number and find out how much you were worth in fiat (debt).

Sadly too many people were discovering this information so now our CUSIP numbers cannot be searched anymore.

Also note your 'name' will be printed in capital letters. Capitus Maximus Diminutae is a very old Roman law which means if your name is printed in capital letters you are legally a slave. Slaves have no legal rights, so by saying you are the capitalised name in a court room (or even when pulled over by cops... "Is this you?", the cop will ask while holding your license and pointing to the Capitus Maximus name), you are in effect acknowledging yourself as a slave with NO legal rights to the authority.
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Re: Do you really own your home and all of your other assets

Unread post by Wolf » Sun Dec 17, 2017 11:11 pm

People are learning and fighting back, using the same "whack job conclusions" I have been posting. (Scart's words)
The below is copied from an email sent by Larry Hannigan...

"This is the story of the Organic Dairy Farmers from Wongawallan, South
East Queensland. They were eight days away from a bank - scheduled
foreclosure and repossession of their six - generation family farm.
They also have an 'Exclusive Treaty' to work the land, with the
traditional owners, the Ngarakbul Tribe. The Commonwealth Bank and
their lawyers, Henry Davis York, #12 in Australia, were primed to move
in with Sheriffs, Police and a removal truck, to 'Steal' this property
on the 17th November. They never arrived as they communicated.

I had to decide, from Melbourne, if I had the time to fly up to
Queensland to see these people. This was not an option as my diary is
keeping me in Melbourne with Bank fraud in our own city. I had to
decide to communicate with the Bank, which I did, and the results now
speak for themselves. I wrote a letter to Catherine Livingstone, the
Chairwoman of the Board of Directors, and Ian Narev, the CEO, of the
bank. A copy was also sent to the 'Credit Restructuring Manager', or I
call him, the Repo Guy. I sent him one letter, and then he blocked me.
This was their defence. So I post him Express Post mail. I have stated
if he, on orders from Catherine Livingstone and Ian Narev, attempt to
enter the property without any communications and providing our four
questions, I will have him and his two bosses criminally charged under
the Criminal Code Act, 1995 (Cth) for the Indictable Imprisonment
offence of Financial Gain by Deception, which carries a Ten Year Jail

I also reminded them, when would they like the Australian Media to be
informed, to contact the CEO and the Chairwoman??? Senator Barry
O'Sullivan (Qld) a former Grazier has been fully informed of this
story, prior to the announcement of the Royal Commission into the
Banking Industry, which he advocated. Now, I need to gather more
stories from farming families, to support this first letter and
demonstrate to this Queensland Senator how deep is the problem of the
banks to pressuring our farming families.

The foreclosure was scheduled for Friday 17th November. I sent and
confirmed an Express Post delivery was accepted by 11:24am, Monday
13th November. With agreement of the Currey Family, I wrote to the
bank and the lawyers that we give permission for two people only, for
30minutes and we must be given their names 48hours in advance,
together with the response to our 'Four' questions. They NEVER

The first question was that the Bank must provide -

1. The validity of the Articles for the sale of the CommBank, in 1991
(Incomplete and not signed correctly. This important document
invalidates the sale of the bank).

2. Validity of the Corporations Bill, 2001 to legally pass into law
and become an Act (Invalid as Hansard did ‘Not Record Votes’). What
this means is that 'No Corporation' across Australia is operating -
legally! (Perhaps this might include Murray - Goulburn???)

3. The proof the Queensland Constitution of 1999 section 53, was
correctly enacted and abided by to rewrite this document into the
Queensland Constitution, 2001, where the Queen was replaced by the
Governor, without a Grant of Power or a Referendum? (It has 'No Grant
of Power' and 'No Public Referendum' was ever recorded) & this current
version of the Queensland Constitution is invalid!

4. The complete set of the CBA documents containing this couple’s
CUSIP numbers the Bank has on file to deal with Fidelity Investments
to trade on this family's 'Birth Certificate Trust Accounts, in
Boston, USA.
This is the question they cannot allow to be asked, in public,
anywhere, anytime! Yes, I have the conclusive proof that the
Commonwealth Bank lied to these people and we can prove and establish
their Birth Certificates HAVE BEEN TRADED BY THIS BANK! The same
applies to EVERY bank across Australia. This is a primary reason why
this bank cannot afford to defend this fraud in a Federal Court,
before the Australian Media??? If every family was aware our parents
and our kids and our families are being 'traded', there will be an

We tested the same process with Suncorp Metway Bank, with an evicted
Melbourne family, and we returned that family back into their Narre
Warren home, inside fifteen days, with their stolen furniture and the
$230,000 mortgage was cleared and terminated.

What this last question means is that 'No Farming family, No
Homeowner', has ANY DEBT on their property! END OF STORY!!! I will be
working to share this information, now rigorously tested by this
Queensland Dairy Farming family, that their debt is now clean, clear
and terminated!

Our goal is to share this very important information
to our farming families who are struggling, but do not know where to
go for help in dealing with the banks and their lawyers and the
Councils, which are 'trading Corporations', in disguise. We do not
have 'Councils' in Victoria and have not had them, since 1989. They
are no different to a bank or a phone company - they MUST make a

To date, no reply of any description has been received by the
Commonwealth Bank, or their lawyers, Henry Davis York, Brisbane. It
seems they had no response to our ‘four innocent questions’, and
decided not to proceed to repossess this farm so as not to 'inflame'
this situation to be pushed into the Media?

Perhaps it also was a consideration that I informed the lawyers that I
had already communicated and had access to ASIC (the Corporate
Watchdog) for our submission to enter the Federal Court, with this
whole matter? No bank wants to enter the Federal Court against ASIC,
not at this time, not EVER!!!

The Queensland Law Enforcement has been stopped and we will continue
to fight for the return of their 'Original' Certificate of Title. We
already know that our Certificates of Title have been 'Sold Off' to
the American Banks. This is 'WHY' Dan Andrews wants to conceal his
sale of the Land Titles Office, to hide this FACT! But to make a
difference, we need people and families from the city and the country,
to spread the word and share this message. If I can stop a farming
family from losing their farm in Queensland by my letters, why can I
not stop Victorian farming families losing their farms in my own

Thursday 30th November, Prime Minister Turnbull unconvincingly
announces a Royal Commission into the Banking Industry. The timing of
this announcement is priceless."
The mightiest oak was once a nut that stood his ground

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