The Health Benefits of Pure Distilled Water ?

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The Health Benefits of Pure Distilled Water ?

Unread post by TheBlackStump » Sun Dec 17, 2017 12:43 pm


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Re: The Health Benefits of Pure Distilled Water ?

Unread post by Shazzoir » Sun Dec 17, 2017 6:51 pm

Sorry, but "The Illuminati" don't have a damn clue on this subject.

Drinking distilled water is not necessarily good for you or your health! Drinking a gallon of it a day, is not recommended, should anyone attempt to try it.

Drinking distilled water robs your body of its natural source of many minerals essential to good health, which results in increasing your risk for osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, hypothyroidism, hypertension, coronary artery disease and premature aging. There are essential electrolytes (sodium, potassium, chloride) and trace minerals like magnesium in normal tap or spring water, deficiencies of which can cause heart beat irregularities and high blood pressure.

The World Health Organisation (and some other study groups) studied the use of distilled water and found that because it is stripped of all minerals it can cause electrolyte imbalances in your body*. Your body will leach electrolytes from your tissues in order to add them to the mineral free water you are drinking. This is necessary so that your body can function normally and eliminate waste. If the water redistribution process in your body is not functioning properly, you may experience fatigue, weakness, headache, muscle cramps and an abnormal heart rate.

As in everything, moderation seems to be the key. Kids shouldn't be made to drink distilled water at all, for these very reasons.

* ... n_o0HwVoXb

This sort of mis-information is dangerous, and scientifically wrong.
The idea that something you eat or drink can 'detox' your body, is mostly garbage. The liver does a mighty good job of that, and is in fact, the main organ responsible for your good health.

I could only sit through 8 minutes of this c**p before I had to stop, it's just another lunatic who knows nothing of the human body and how it works.

Thanks for posting though, it's a fantastic representation of how a little knowledge is dangerous, and should serve as a warning to all intelligent and educated people NOT to consume exclusively, or even mostly, distilled water.

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Dr. Carl Sagan

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