Yowie VS Game Cams..Yowie Wins...Yowie VS Ausio Recorders...

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Re: Yowie VS Game Cams..Yowie Wins...Yowie VS Ausio Recorder

Unread post by Simon M » Thu Feb 09, 2017 12:50 am

Based on the numerous eyewitness accounts we've all heard and read, I'd speculate that these creatures are extremely sensitive to sound (among other things) and can hear (or otherwise sense) any kind of electronic device even when it's in standby mode. All such devices emit some kind of sound, even if it's beyond our range of hearing, so anything that's electronic might well be very obvious to them or even annoying. I'm equally sure they could smell a human scent in the area where any such devices would be placed as well.

I'm not sure there's any way of using the kinds of technology people have discussed in this thread without inadvertently signalling to these creatures that there's human activity involved. That's part of the dilemma, I think, about getting them on video under any circumstances.

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