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Re: Yowie Manifesto

Unread post by hillbilly » Tue Feb 20, 2018 2:29 pm

Black wrote " a Hall of "something" is important without anyone proving anything."
I dont get it? Or is it you who doesnt get it?
Without proving anything, why would anyone want to be applauded?
I would feel kind of awkward to have my weekends accounts and observations put on show in a "Fame" hall for scrutiny,
when it all amounted to nothing. Just a few days in the bush.

Black wrote " ..individual researchers and the work they've done, will gradually slip into obscurity with no acknowledgement.."
Yes, that is the researchers lot.
Its sometimes not a happy one.

Black wrote "..forum centred on research, is it not? Research is the bread and butter.."
lol, cliche'
Bread and butter actually refers to a livelyhood. A means of survival. Some basic monetary return. Lifes basic requirements, and so on.
Research is seldom any of that. You have a distorted view, in my opinion.

I shant be called into a slinging match, but your flattery and suggestions do not seem necessary without a researcher obtaining some solid proof or evidence which indicated proof.

I ponder one other concern.
Why do you wish to have the research assembled in one thread?
Are you a journalist and trying to get your "bread and butter" by writing a piece about Yowie Research?
Will you be regurgitating our findings, into your own publication?
What do you have to gain by your suggestions and flattery?

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Re: Yowie Manifesto

Unread post by ChrisV » Tue Feb 20, 2018 6:56 pm

Researching and proving the existence of these creatures is no different to those explorers who were trying to prove the world was round.
With the way its going, I think it is inevitable that some light will be cast on this subject and world will have to face the music that these creatures actually exist - then the posters on this forum will be judged differently and not some lunatic fringe. Pioneers of sorts and those who were willing to pursue the truth against the tide of mainstream skeptics.

You would be surprised how many people actually have an open mind to the existence of things like Yowies, UFO's and paranormal events. I mean if the Christian population of millions can believe in a spirit why would'nt that be the case for millions of others ( albeit more modestly and under the radar )

The fear of riducle keeps many folks indoors when it comes to voicing their opinion. Brave faces are those who can come out and speak openly. Count yourselves as one of those. :wink:

Anyway I guess the show must go on.

Don't stop though. If it gets too much - find something else to do for a while . Check in here and there and maybe it will come back.

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Re: Yowie Manifesto

Unread post by Black » Tue Feb 20, 2018 10:58 pm

Don't worry Hillbilly, I'm not going to flatter you.

When researchers go out in the field, they do prove one thing over and over. They prove the possibility of the yowie being an undiscovered hominid is more and more implausible and unlikely every time. In this way, nothing does amount to something. Let's not forget, sometimes the results indicate something unexplainable is occurring.

Second, usernames protect our everyday identities. If you are genuine, take this seriously, and use your username, why should it be awkward sharing field experiences?

I disagree the lot of a researcher has to be an unhappy one. A tiny piece of acknowledgement would only be positive.

"Your bread and butter" most certainly does refer to livelihood. But I didn't say that. I said, "Research is the bread and butter". The Cambridge dictionary defines this term as, "bread and butter ideas or problems are the basic things that directly relate to people." In the context I used the term, I was referring to the very basic reason people use this board or visit this site. The research.

Your argument, hillbilly, is researchers are wasting there time unless they come home with physical evidence. The maths doesn't look good for that happening though, does it? Fifty years of Bigfoot research since the controversial Patterson film and twenty years of Yowie research from this board alone, with another thirty years if you include Rex Gilroy work.

My argument is science and technology hasnt advanced to the point where we can observe and visually record neighbouring planes of existence and the entities that reside there, from our physical plane. That's where you will find your yowie. Thirty or forty years from now would be perfect, but not right now.

I'm not a journalist. If I was, I could easily sift through these threads and posts if I were desperate enough. I think it is wrong that "the researchers lot" is the attitude on this site. No support. No acknowledgement. No thanks.

The site paints a pretty picture of excitement, adventure, and evidence aplenty, but the reality is different. Brain numbingly boring times in the bush lifted by a can of alcohol perhaps, or the sound of a falling tree limb, no sighting of anything out of the ordinary, no footprints, video footage which generally shows nothing, and no physical evidence or anomalies.

That sounds like a pretty disheartening outcome for a lot of people on here, and it doesn't sound healthy for those peoples self esteem and general sense of self worth or time well spent.

Where's the harm in giving people a little bit of credit? That's where I'm coming from.

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Re: Yowie Manifesto

Unread post by Simon M » Fri Feb 23, 2018 12:50 am

This entire forum is a compilation of the research done by the people who post on it.

That's my perspective on it.

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