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Anyone know what language this is?

Posted: Sat Dec 01, 2018 4:41 pm
by Hauntedman
This point-of-view infrared video was shot in my New Zealand research area. It was not edited. There are a a number of voices on the audio which can be heard by carefully listening through headphones. One part a female voice says something like "Onan nappoooo" at the 5:53 part.

Anyone know what language this is? Now to note many strange things have happened to me out in this area. Including bi pedal approaches (and things approach me that I COULD NOT SEE!), tree knock sounds including one right by me that I could not see the cause of the sound, strange stomps and growls, found a series of trees in this remote area torn down (seen in the following pic article), a tree with some kind of symbol on it in this zone ... ew-zealand , footprints in a area that has got some obnoxiously painful plants etc.