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Satsquatch chronicles 659 where the footsteps end

Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2020 4:28 am
by Bluedog
Here's an episode 659 of the satsquatch chronicles "where the footsteps end"
Anyone interested in the supernatural side of big foot might enjoy. An interview with some authors who have released a book exploring the supernatural bigfoot/wild man in folklore and history and have some interesting thoughts on the subject. Sorry I haven't posted a link but you should have no trouble finding it on Spotify or a link on Google. Enjoy

Re: Satsquatch chronicles 659 where the footsteps end

Posted: Thu Jun 04, 2020 4:43 pm
by sensesonfire
The general consensus especially in the US is that people are moving away from scientific discussion and more towards the paranormal. This Sasquatch Chronicle episode is a reason why it is compelling listening to understand the supernatural explanations.
Some of what these two authors Josh and Tim talk about I have covered myself in my comments.
They infer that with all the weirdness about these creatures it is just too simplistic to call them an undiscovered species like an ape.
They discuss Fred Beck's book and the point he made about these creatures are not of this world. Not just about the mysteries of Bigfoot but the other supernatural occurrences he experienced like the pencil materializing in his hand when he was looking for one. As they said people just side-stepped anything that had to do with the supernatural.
They talked about the strange woman in white wearing clown-like shoes who was followed by orbs and the two brothers that observed it. I've read this story myself it was about two brothers that had adjacent properties (US) and the land was being invaded by Bigfoot. They employed a born again Christian who was a converted psychic she told them to warn them off in the name of Jesus which they did and each night they could hear them roaring like the sound of a hundred lions on the perimeter of their back paddocks but they didn't set foot on the properties again. They then noticed this strange woman wearing clown-like shoes who would wander across their land they tried to attract her attention but they were ignored until one day one of the brothers demanded that she stop she did turn around to look at him with the evilest, most demonic face he had ever seen. Their explanation as to why she was wearing oversized shoes is startling.
They discussed the interaction between Bigfoot and horses where they have been observed braiding horses manes I have mentioned that Bigfoot has actually been seen transfiguring into a horse.
Spirit gifting and Bigfoot eating habits and the reason not to leave them food and the amount they would require also discussed. As I've said Bigfoot do not need to eat when they are in their trans-dimensional state (spiritual) One of the guys mentioned the two angels that sat down to eat with Abraham as an example even though they were spiritual beings they can appear in physical form therefore able to eat I've commented on this before. Also the puzzle as to why no bodies have been found and the weird coincidence of prevalence of large black cats and UFOs accompanying Bigfoot.

The odour Bigfoot can emit one of burning sulfur and rotten eggs a characteristic of all demonic beings. I have a theory of my own as to why and how they produce this obnoxious smell.

My favourite, Dogman, is discussed they just cannot get their head around this one at all. I would like to add my own supernatural element here and that is
Does anybody know of another creature on this planet that can command the elements to be still when entering a vicinity as Bigfoot and Yowie can? There is none that I can think of yet these creatures have the ability to silence everything insects, birds stop trilling, and animals disappear even the wind subsides nothing but deafening silence.
Not even the big cats have this ability. A tiger's location when stalking its prey in India is given away to the hunted by the peacock screams, monkeys in the trees chattering is an alarm to others that a tiger is approaching.
So what is the explanation to this characteristic if not supernatural?

This Bigfoot Chronicle episode 659 is a great recommendation by Bluedog one I suggest everybody should listen to. (eek)

Re: Satsquatch chronicles 659 where the footsteps end

Posted: Thu Jun 04, 2020 6:31 pm
by Bluedog
Glad you enjoyed it "Senses" i posted it with you in mind as they talk about things that you have alluded to in the past. I might try to pick up a copy of their book, as im sure they only touched on the subject in their interview. Again glad you enjoyed it :D