Janice Carter

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Janice Carter

Unread post by Harry_Henderson » Tue Mar 02, 2021 9:40 pm

Have just watched this amazing 2 hour discussion on Sawdustt BEAST channel. I highly recommend members watch this. https://youtu.be/wJ5Rx68H2Vs

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Re: Janice Carter

Unread post by sensesonfire » Wed Mar 03, 2021 3:33 pm

G'day Harry_Henderson

I watched the video although I believe a 2-hour video is a bit of a grind no matter what the subject. I did skip through some of the questions I considered a little off-topic or trivial.

This lady Janice Carter seems to know every possible question you could ask a Sasquatch and then some make's me wonder whether she is a cloaked Bigfoot in human form Haha.

Janice said that Bigfoot interacted with humans going back to Biblical times to the Sumerians and Mesopotamia. She talked about Giants and that Bigfoot were created by God and believed in Jesus Christ but considered themselves closer to the angels I do agree but not the ones we think of.

She mentioned the devastating effects of infrasound which they employ and how it was applied to herself and that they can cloak themselves and appear and disappear at will in other words interdimensional ( my explanation).

Mentioned they got on well with Native Americans although they did steal their women and children I believe this is a contradiction because there is not one Native American name given to these creatures that would indicate a friendly cohesion. She also stated some are known for cannibalism for goodness sake friendly!

56mins 41 secs Janice talks about gifting them presents particularly food and the fact they are going to expect it forever and if you fail to leave the gift then ''Heavens to Betsy' as she called it. They can very well become violent.

1:22:25 Question: Why do they watch children do they take them and why? Answer: yes they do and do not trust them under any circumstance.

1:28:17 Question: What is the average age for them to die? Answer: about 120 years but some claim to have extended life spans or as I've said immortal.

1:36:52 Question: What do they say their DNA is? Answer: they were created by God but closer to the angels. (My explanation Fallen Angels).

1:39:48 Question: Can you please explain how they use our graveyards The answer explains why I believe that Bigfoot, Yowies and Dogman frequent burial grounds.

25:50. The most interesting question of all was Have you ever encountered a Dogman? Does the Sasquatch know of them?

Check out the answer Janice says that Dogmen are not human/homo sapiens in any way shape or form they are canine mixed with an unknown. Exactly what I have mentioned in my explanation as to what Dogman DNA is.

Finally, Janice Carter was asked about her final thoughts on Bigfoot. She said be safe out there do not go out alone there are more things in the woods than Bigfoot to be concerned about they don't sound too friendly to me. (woot)
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Re: Janice Carter

Unread post by Shar-Chi » Wed Mar 03, 2021 3:47 pm

Thanks for posting. I watched this recently myself - what a download!
Another memorable takeaway for me was that there are significant differences in temperament between individuals and clans.
Just like humans, some are naughty, some are nice so don't think of them as all the same.

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