Did a Yowie remove her bike chain?

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Did a Yowie remove her bike chain?

Unread post by Boogerboy » Sat Mar 06, 2021 12:03 am

My first ever post is made in a attempt to find more facts on this 1991 sighting report near Australind, on the South West coast.
The picture on the report # 92 shows where the Australind Bypass bridges over the Collie River and the nearest street to that is
Craigie Drive, Roelands WA. I live 6 klms away in the fully built up area of Australind so obviously devoured this report when I
saw it listed on Yowiehunters Forum.

Video Link......https://youtu.be/ExSbLU3BAZo Video dated.....Sep 2, 2016 (Seems to have been created 11th August 2015)
Written Report narrated by Woman;
(Australian Yowie Research....under Reports and Sightings......first on the West Australian list is Report #92, Australind.)

In the written report, the woman hides her bike and walks a sandy track down towards the Collie River but a huge shadowy hairy
figure seems to be walking alongside her as she walks, stopping as she stops. After some indecision, she runs away from the
huge shadowy figure in the bush, but......‘When I got back to my bike, which I had hidden in the bush, my chain was off and there
were 3 or 4 sticks poked into the chain. So I was wondering if it had been watching me the whole time and followed me down
to the river’.
Now to me, this is a fabulous piece of information and infers that the Yowie watched her hide the bike in the bush and somehow
pulled the chain off the bike and inserted 3 or 4 sticks in the chain before shadowing her down to the riverside.
Closest I have ever read about Yowies having Mechanical knowledge is when I read that a Sasquatch supposedly unzipped a tent fly
or the odd report of a Bigfoot/Sasquatch smashing a forestry machine with brute force. Not for a moment do I underestimate the
clever tactics and bushcraft practised by these beings.
But taking a chain off a bike? Wow! I need to know more. It does not read like the chain fell off when she hid it in the bush,
if so how did the 3 or 4 sticks get into the chain? Moreover, after the chain reference, it refers strait back to the Yowie as she says,
‘So I was wondering if it had been watching me the whole time’....

Are there any sleuths out there with research abilities or knowledge that would help me ascertain confirmation on this chain removal
aspect. If so I would be very grateful.

I note that if I insert Australind into the search box, I find that sensesonfire commented on Wed October the 4th at 10;17am and
shortly after, Yowie bait commented at 10.51 am. Regards, boogerboy.

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