Looking for any information about the Bundaberg/Wide Bay area

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Looking for any information about the Bundaberg/Wide Bay area

Unread post by deadpool » Tue Aug 23, 2022 7:46 pm

Hey guys, it's been ages. Moved up to Bundy end of last year and looking to find any info on any sightings around here? I know all about the Moore Park sighting last year, even went and visited the spot.

The only other sighting I know of around here would have been years (5+ years) back witnessed by my housemates cousin and a few of his friends. Drove down to South Kolan along the Burnett River at Cedars Bridge at night, just having a bit of a laugh, etc - saw something in the bush rise up and approach the car. Bright red eyes (my first thought was eyeshine as it was night time and I was told the car headlights were on) and about 7~8ft tall - they obviously hightailed it out of there.

When I can I go out bush and haven't seen anything super interesting but enough to pique my interest as some places look like they haven't been touched by people at all.
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Re: Looking for any information about the Bundaberg/Wide Bay area

Unread post by Bluedog » Wed Aug 24, 2022 4:41 pm

Hi Deadpool.
There are quite a few reports from around the Deepwater national park area, one on fingerboard road and an account from Agnes Water.
I used to drive cane trains around the Bundaberg region and remember a fellow driver telling me about how him and his offsider where in a cane railway siding one night and they seen eyeshine from a very large set of eyes at approximately 7 foot high watching them from nearby mango plantation. They thought it unusual enough to mention it to me, I suggested it was possibly a yowie and they started taking the piss out of me!
The Bundaberg region ticks a lot of boxes.
It has an abundance of small crops and acres of sugar cane, water and pockets of thick scrub and creeks to follow into farm land to feed at night.
There is also a large population of wild pigs living in the sugar cane.
I believe it would be easy living for yowies around Bundy.

Good luck with your research.
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