Loud rasping screech at Enoggera Dam

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Loud rasping screech at Enoggera Dam

Unread post by Yowie_Nakamoto » Sun Aug 28, 2022 11:29 am

Hi team,
I often go paddle boarding at Enoggera Dam in Brisbane, which I note is not far from the Ashgrove forest sighting that was put up by Dean's team on Youtube. The place is amazing and connected to the massive D'aigular national park, so I'm always keeping one eye on the trees..
In any case about 5 weeks ago, I went there in the afternoon, and after the paddleboarding as I was walking back to the carpark, maybe approx 2pm, I heard this very loud (magnitudes louder than any bird) rasping screech sound. It honestly sounded like the noise they make zombies do in a movie just before they attack... I remember it lasting about 3-4 seconds. At the time I felt like it came from at least a few hundred meters away, over the other side of the dam in the dense forest.
So, not a sighting, but as far as I feel a good indication that this part of the forest is home to some of our hirsute friends.

All the best, YN

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Re: Loud rasping screech at Enoggera Dam

Unread post by aaq » Sun Aug 28, 2022 9:06 pm

Awesome. Which direction from the dam (eg west/north)?

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