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Re: Melba Ketchun: "Yes, they are genetically fabricated."

Posted: Sat Oct 21, 2023 11:05 pm
by Yowie88
falke62 wrote:
Thu Apr 27, 2023 5:19 am (36:52)

"How can they just disappear, so that not even their heat signatures are recognizable. This also explains the existence of dogman, bigfoots with baboon snouts, even the mothman and the goat men in the USA.All of these species are not the product of natural evolution but of genetic experimentation more than 12,000 years ago, as Melba Ketchum says.
But who did this?"
I have not posted here in a while so forgive me for my lack of knowledge. Further to your question Falker62 is how can the yowie/dogmen etc suddenly make an area of bush go quiet, devoid of sound where all creatures cease making any sound? If a big alpha predator walks near a pond for example, sure the nearby birds might go silent (some may even make loud noises to warn others) but the crickets and other insects will keep making sounds. This aspect of the bush going silent has me pondering the paranormal / genetically fabricated angle of the Yowie.

FWIW, I think that those creatures (Yowie/dogmen etc) are both flesh & blood AND paranormal. What do you think?

Re: Melba Ketchun: "Yes, they are genetically fabricated."

Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2023 11:33 am
by folcrom
Hi Yowie88

falke62 will probably lean towards the paranormal and transdimensional. He will let us know.

Personally, I think they are flesh and blood with special abilities, but my take is somewhat different.

Think of a race of people or in this case, a species of people, who as a whole, are extremely well versed in what the occult circles call the Art Majik.

Something that 99.9% of modern Humans have lost.

So to vanish before our eyes become a "glamour".
To translocate from one location to another is to "blink" or "jaunt"
And of course, their apparent ability to take over a person's body is to "possess"

Just one of my strange and weird thoughts.


Re: Melba Ketchun: "Yes, they are genetically fabricated."

Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2023 12:28 pm
by sensesonfire
Yowie88 wrote:
Sat Oct 21, 2023 11:05 pm
how can the yowie/dogmen etc suddenly make an area of bush go quiet, devoid of sound where all creatures cease making any sound?
Not only does the bush go quiet the wind subsides like a complete vacuum. Paranormal indeed.
folcrom wrote:
Sun Oct 22, 2023 11:33 am
Think of a race of people or in this case, a species of people, who as a whole, are extremely well versed in what the occult circles call the Art Majik.
We all like to overlook the huge elephant in the room or in this case the huge Dogman in the room. Dogman is not a species of people.
My thinking is these creatures (Bigfoot and Dogman) are interdimensional beings able to travel between the dark realm and our earthly domain.
Their anatomical makeup is very different from that of humans.

Re: Melba Ketchun: "Yes, they are genetically fabricated."

Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2023 12:53 pm
by sensesonfire
What Dr Ketchum discovered in her genetics analyses of both Bigfoot and Dogman is that Bigfoot contained genetic material from a human (mitochondrial) a human–animal type hybrid.

Dogman DNA found no connection to humans whatsoever a combination of organisms composed of cells with more than one distinct genotype basically a chimera.

Re: Melba Ketchun: "Yes, they are genetically fabricated."

Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2023 11:30 pm
by Yowie88
Well I just listen to audio report No 171.

Three different takes as to how the Yowie disappeared. I hope the other two witnesses are found and contact AYR ASAP.

Re: Melba Ketchun: "Yes, they are genetically fabricated."

Posted: Mon Oct 23, 2023 7:01 am
by falke62
Folcrom, for a long time I agreed with you that Bigfoot is an ancient race of humans who have mastered magic. I stumbled, as the user "sensesonfire" gave me links to equally credible dogman testimonies. But the existence of dogman is biologically inexplicable. As a biologist, however, I have a serene relationship with science and know that we still don't know everything. I had experience with black magic myself and can now explain very well how mind control works. It's pure quantum mechanics. The biology of light plays an essential role, as cells communicate with each other via light pulses and electromagnetism.

Yowie88, why all animals, even crickets, become silent in the presence of interdimensional beings such as Bigfoot or Dogman is mostly due to the fact that their electromagnetic fields are so strongly overlaid by those of these interdimensional beings that they lose their orientation and motivation. The information processing of our mind also works with it. It is not for nothing that light plays a major role in mysticism.

Sensesonfire, it is possible that light also plays a role in DNA and evolution, a development that we do not yet understand. Someone who understands this ultimate mystery, which includes the origin of life, would go beyond the limits of our understanding of evolution. An intelligence superior to us, whether aliens, ancient human cultures, or aberrated electromagnetic fields, which religious people call demons, could be the origin of an expanded interdimensional life that is beyond our imagination.

For me, neither normal nor paranormal exists, only scientifically known and scientifically unknown and the paranormal is only the scientifically unknown.

Re: Melba Ketchun: "Yes, they are genetically fabricated."

Posted: Sun Feb 11, 2024 7:17 pm
by Hauntedman
The theory of panspermia. Life taken from one place to another through unusal means. My documentary came out at the end of last year. I recorded ufos on dslr while doing B roll at a Bigfoot wild mountain-, was not there for ufos. I have had many experiences that don't fit in with current science, long time researcher and experiencer. Had out of body experiences and experienes with those who have died, some I had no prior knowledge of. Also I have been on the front line helping people with paranormal infestation etc. So the NHIs could have moved life forms across the world without our hand involved. I have recorded phenomena related to Bigfoot. I use wildlife mics when out in the wild away from people. These beings can 'talk' unlike apes-some of their voices are very high and some deep and elongated-I have recorded them yelling my name etc. Notice their footprints are more like ours and do not in general have the opposing thumb. Sadly few can identify with their voices. When I share my recordings I get the deer in headlights kind of look.

Here is Dr. Ketchum's site: ... ct_013.htm

Re: Melba Ketchun: "Yes, they are genetically fabricated."

Posted: Sat Feb 17, 2024 8:19 am
by falke62
Hi hauntedman,
they don't necessarily have to be NHIs (No Human Involved), both Bigfoot and Dogman could well be survivors of an ancient human culture (e.g. Atlantis) that experimented with genetic engineering - Melba Ketchum's results are sufficient as far as I can interpret them, in this direction.

Re: Melba Ketchun: "Yes, they are genetically fabricated."

Posted: Tue Feb 20, 2024 5:46 am
by falke62
Hi hauntedman, hi sensesonfire, hi all

the following video is, in my opinion, the best summary of the hypothesis that the Sasquatch/Yeti are genetically modified slaves from the time of Atlantis who "went feral" after that culture collapsed. They now use their highly developed sensitivity, which was bred into them in order to be mentally controlled, to be able to perceive people at great distances via their brain waves. Since the collective trauma of slavery is deeply imprinted in their collective memory, they will - despite their high intelligence - never contact people, always avoid them.
This video doesn't refer to the Dogman or Mothman sightings, but they can be explained as well.
For me, this video is the most compelling explanation of many contradictions and unexplained questions about what the origin of Sasquatch and other cryptids is. It would also support Melba Ketchum's findings that the sasquatch is a young species, not much older than 12,000 years, i.e. the time of the heyday of the Atlantis culture.
No wonder that the government and science are negating and fighting all relevant evidence as best they can. These findings would turn our view of the world, currently the greatest knowledge of humanity to date, upside down. Apparently there were cultures before our time that were more advanced than us.
Sensesonfire is also right that these are "demons" in the sense that they are foreign bodies in natural evolution.

Re: Melba Ketchun: "Yes, they are genetically fabricated."

Posted: Sun Feb 25, 2024 9:33 am
by themanfromglad
I was just listening to a police officer that was involved with Melba's Genome Project. He spoke with great confidence of how they traced Bigfoot DNA of 110 individuals back 20,000 year to eastern Europe, where the first mixing of species took place. He made no mention of a fabrication. Instead, perhaps Melba should have used more blunt terms that she lacked a first hand understanding of such as, "some male paranormal species from another solar system and a little on the horny side after traveling millions of light years, but now sporting a hard on at his first sight of human women, apparently repeatedly took advantage of many east European women, and created a new species of hominids. There you have it. A new theory for the creation of Bigfoot, that you can take to the bank. Entirely possible and probable.

Re: Melba Ketchun: "Yes, they are genetically fabricated."

Posted: Tue Feb 27, 2024 10:12 am
by falke62
Hello man from glad,
You are absolutely right that one has to be open in all directions when interpreting the Bigfoot phenomenon and, given our current level of knowledge, extraterrestrial involvement cannot be ruled out. Under no circumstances can it have happened the way you describe it here. Even assuming the panspermia theory, it is unlikely that two organisms that evolved on different planets could successfully mate with each other. A good example are wolves and thylacines, which - although they have evolved convergently on different continents - cannot produce offspring with each other because they do not have a close phylogenetic relationship. In addition, the same laws of nature probably exist throughout the entire universe. So it is not obvious why the so-called paranormal aspect, which we have not yet scientifically researched, necessarily has to be extraterrestrial.
For me, Bigfoot, UAPś and black magic are aspects of the same phenomenon. I call it parasitic civilization. There are two ways one civilization can gain power over another. One is the open clash of civilizations, as we witnessed with the arrival of the white man in Australia and America. Ultimately, the less technologically advanced indigenous culture was forced to die out.
Another possibility would be for one culture to insinuate itself into another through secret societies and not to make its superior knowledge publicly available, but to use it secretly to maintain its privileges.
I found out firsthand that such secret societies actually exist at a university institute, where I was attacked with black magic and even had to stop my studies because of it. I believe that these secret lobbies have a high level of knowledge about natural laws, which they prevent science from researching in order to benefit solely from this knowledge. This is also how the statements by David Grush and Steven M.Geer about the reverse engineering of UAPś should be understood.
They infiltrate companies in order to put their secret knowledge about gravitational drives and new types of aircraft into practice.
Let's assume that this is a pre-ice age, highly developed civilization that has merged with our society in such a way that we dont know it. They have now new slaves - us - and their former genetically manipulated slaves slaves like Bigfoot, Dogman, Mothman and others got feral.
The research that could lead us to the traces of this parasitic civilization is still being prevented today by this parasitic civilization. Any discovery would be the end of this civilization and they will try with all their might to prevent that.