yowie story from 2001 website

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yowie story from 2001 website

Unread post by naimi22 » Sat Jan 13, 2024 7:42 pm

I have been along time reader of this site and today while emptying out boxes for a house move found 3 pages that I had printed out from yowie hunters website circa 2001. I thought I would post one here.

LOCATION .: Oxley Island, Taree
DATE : 1967
Mr. Thomas of Oxley Island was ploughing the paddocks on his Taree property just like any other day, when he noticed he was leaving a trail of bones. On closer inspection of what he uncovered found six skeletons which had the largest heads he'd ever seen. The size of the bones were enormous, some were white and some brown.
At first, he thought they must be human, it wasn't until later when he thought more of it he realized that they were not.
TERRAIN: Farming properties
He distinctly remembers the size of the "brain case", and said the skulls had a pre-human look about them. He called the local Police who called "an unknown party" in Sydney, then quardened off the entire area for many weeks, They brought large trucks to remove the bodies, and no one was allowed near the site until they were gone and all traces of the bones were removed
That was the last he ever heard about the finds, he said "At the time I never thought about asking questions until it was too late.
Researchers notes: Oxley Island and Taree are one of the largest Yowie hot spots in the Country. We believe Yowies bury their dead and have no doubt that pre-aboriginal Neanderthals inhabited this country yrs. ago, For some reason, authorities don't like to admit it. Geoff Nelson.

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Re: yowie story from 2001 website

Unread post by falke62 » Mon Jan 15, 2024 6:44 am

I know this story and it is not the only one that shows that parts of the government, police, emergency services and secret services know more about Sasquatch or Yowie than they are sharing. It is an analogy to UFOs/UAPs with the difference that there are no whistleblowers yet.
I think we have the wrong idea about how our society works. Science is also a cultural construct and has no more to do with finding the truth than did faith in the Middle Ages. For reasons of power politics, it is important to keep a stable worldview so that people lose trust in the political system. So it's ridiculous to think that government organizations or science could help solve this mystery. On the contrary, they will do everything in their power to make important evidence disappear because it "disturbs their circles," as Archimedes put it.

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