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Min Mins

Posted: Sat Dec 17, 2011 6:47 pm
by Bump in the Night
A friend of mind who i trust & know who is not the one to lie told me some interesting facts about these min min lights that was passed onto him by a aboriginal he knew.

He told me that the Mins Mins always appear at a distance and rarely come in close. Then he said that if you try to approach one, it moves slightly away from you. The more steps towards it you take, the further it moves away from you. Its not until your sprinting after the Min Min through the bush that you know its too late.

The Min Min gets further away until its completely out of sight, and you are lost away from camp in the bush, Forgetting which way to return.

Interesting stuff eh? I know some of you are game enough to go out looking for these things and other cyrptos alike. Just some advice that i wanted to pass on to you all thats all. All the best out there (respekt)

Re: Min Mins

Posted: Mon Dec 19, 2011 7:08 am
by Mike Williams
Hi Bump

I love this topic.. (cool)
The only (paper)book on the min min is ... edir_esc=y
Their is a ebook by someone else somewhere as well..
Devereux wrote a great book on earthlights years ago as well..
Devereux, P. (1989). Earth Lights Revelation. IBSN 0713722096, Blandford Press.
A brief recount of the phenomena ... tback.html
Petttigrew wrote a rubbish paper suggesting that fatima morgana (inverse mirage/cold air layer refracting light etc)explained all reports..
He was lucky none of the "reviewers" looked up his source book(Kozicka) because many of the reports are of close range balls of light and not distant..
He actually believed(personal correspondence)and inferred in his paper that light refraction could appear as a basketball shaped light "emerging" from a rock .go round a car several times..and fly away..
Or.. even chase a car..go through the rear window..go through the front window and proceed down the road..

Re: Min Mins

Posted: Mon Dec 19, 2011 10:03 am
by Bump in the Night
Thats the thing, ive seen orbs up close too and they did not try to lure me away, nor did i see them in the bush, i saw them in my backyard. So it can be a very difficult thing to discern.

Many different kinds of orbs are sighted, many different colors too. Thanks for the info on the books mike, much appreciated (thumb up)

Either way, i know i wont be approaching any ball of light when i see one again. Admire from a distance.

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Posted: Sun Sep 28, 2014 3:19 pm
by Tex
23 years ago I was hunting with my brother in Bungonia. We were driving in a cleared paddock looking for foxes. I would say between 11 - 12 pm. I noticed a light on the hill to our right. I tapped on the car roof to alert my brother. I was sitting half out the window with the rifle resting on the roof. My brother stopped and I pointed to the light. At first we thought it was poachers driving along the fire trail which ran along the ridge line. My brother turned the lights and car engine off so we could hear the vehicle. There was no noise. We watched the light moving slowly along the trail. The light was shining like a headlight and illuminating the ground and trees in front of it. We couldn't see what it was only that it was a light. It then stopped and then headed towards us. I said to my brother that it's going to go over the edge if it keeps heading towards us. My brother agreed. Next thing we noticed that the light was heading directly towards us and was moving through the tree tops. The light illuminating the leaves at it passed thought them. The light was a ball shape and reflected light on the trees as it left them. It now was heading directly towards us in mid air. There was no noise at all. As it approached I said to my brother are you seeing this. He replied yes I am. I said if it gets any closer I will shoot the thing. I pointed my rifle at the light and watched it slowly moving towards us approximately 50 meters above the ground. Even though it was night time we could make out the landscape with the moonlight. The light was above the dirt trail in the valley below. I chambered a round and took up the weight of the trigger ready to squeeze off a round. Just then the light changed direction and headed to our left above the track below. I lowered the rifle and opened the bolt. The light then began to increase in speed and headed on a 45 degree angle up into the sky, we watched it move away then it accelerated until it disappeared into the sky. We had no idea what it was. There was no visible shape of a vehicle and no noise.

Because it moved through the trees it couldn't have been a helicopter or air craft besides they make noise.

We never found out what it was.

Have you guys got any ideas?

I drew a quick drawing to show you see what it did, yes it's a bad drawing but I did it on the iPad.
It was easier to do it colour.

Re: Min Mins

Posted: Sun Jun 13, 2021 12:36 pm
by wildtornado
Hi , My dad told me about the Min Min lights years ago.He seen them up in Lightning Ridge NSW back in the 1950s. (cool)

Re: Min Mins

Posted: Thu Nov 02, 2023 5:47 pm
by wildtornado
Tex, I think it was the Min Min . Dad said that it can travel low and high in the air. (claps) . Good writing on your behalf, Very interesting.