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Unread post by Thommo » Sat Nov 27, 2021 12:36 pm

During a visit to the blue mountains about 3 years ago I had a strange experience one night, while laying in my swag , that sits atop of a stretcher bed, it was around 2am , couldn’t sleep, very windy and also very moonlit. I had just turned over, facing away from front of swag, and looking at the moonlight showing slightly through the canvas, almost instantly I felt something pushing me it was pushing both down but also trying to push me off the stretcher, I instinctively looked behind me and noticed the swag wasn’t being squeezed, I yelled f@“k off, this made it much worse, and it took all of my strength to brace myself with my arms and knees to keep on the stretcher, the pressure got worse to the point I could hardly breath, I managed to get out a week “help” it then just released and every thing went back to normal.. now weirdly, I’m a bit of a scaredy camper and will use a torch at night, but after 5 mins , I just got out of the swag , and felt a big sense of calm, I walked around, feeling no fear at all.. that freaked me out more than the incident… to my knowledge I don’t have any aboriginal ancestry, but it instantly felt “ tribal/ spiritual… I googled what had happened and keep coming up with sleep paralysis, but they all say the were frozen and couldn’t move and most say they are scared afterwards.. I listened to a podcast recently that had a similar experience, but would love to know if anyone else has had this happen.. it was in the Capertee valley and I deliberately had my stretcher over an animal track the led down a steep embankment into a dry creek bed. Thanks.

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Re: Spirit?

Unread post by sensesonfire » Tue Jan 18, 2022 4:08 pm

Gotta say wouldn't get me camping out alone in the bush at night. Did the area you were camping in have an aboriginal connection perhaps indigenous sacred land? If this is the case then this type of paranormal activity would not be uncommon. I would say your experience definitely had an aboriginal connection.

I had a similar experience with so-called sleep paralysis many years ago I had returned home from the gym and was resting on my bed when I nodded off when I awoke something heavy was pinning me face down on the bed, couldn't move but the scariest part was I couldn't utter a word.

Then everything went back to normal always considered it may have been a pinched nerve but I doubt very much if that would have been the reason for the loss of speech at the time it was scary but more confusing in my mind.
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