Burkes Flat- One of Australia's Most Interesting UFO Incidents

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Burkes Flat- One of Australia's Most Interesting UFO Incidents

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The Burkes Flat Incident

In the fall of 1966 on April 4th, just a few weeks before the infamous Westall UFO mass sighting and incident an even more intriguing series of events occured in the farmlands to the north west of Westall just outside the town of Logan. Events that lead to the death of one poor soul and to the near death of another.

It was bright moonlit evening and Ron Sullivan, a steel construction business man, was driving along a straight stretch of the Wimmera highway hoping to spend the night at a motel down the road. The evening had been uneventful until he entered an area known as Burkes Flats where up ahead, off to the side of the road, he spied at first what he thought was the lights of a tractor working the nearby farm field. As he approached he soon realised what he was seeing was no tractor but something quite extraordinary.

A few dozen metres into the paddock on the right side hovering just a few feet over the grass was a softly glowing "milky white" disc some 15 foot in diameter. One of the things he immediately noticed was that the strange glow emanating from the object casted no shadows on the surrounding trees. Although bright, it seemed "self contained" as he would later describe it.

Originally travelling at 100kph he slowed to about 8kph as he approached to get a better look, his eyes riveted to the sight. It was then he noticed a "force" pulling at his chest and that his cars head lights were beginning to bend and curve towards the UFO. If that wasn't unsettling enough, the ufo suddenly gained a slightly larger mirror image of its self twenty feet above it and shafts of orangey green light began streaking between the two discs.

For a moment he thought the car must have been drifting to the right so he steered left to correct. The closer he got to the UFO the more acutely his headlight's beams curved toward the disc as if attracted somehow to it. Then after about twenty or so seconds the bottom disc merged with the top disc and the UFO flew off swiftly getting smaller and smaller until it disappeared.

Glancing back to the road ahead of him he realised he was a split second away from slamming head on with a large tree and swerved, narrowly missing it.

He decided to tell no one other than his wife about the incident. That was until he learned that three days later n the 7th, locals had found the twisted wreckage of a car that had collided at high speed with the exact same tree he swereved to avoid and the lifeless body of 19 year old Gary Taylor laying on the ground. Gary was laying face up thrown several feet from the wreckage with a trickle of blood running from the side of his mouth.

Ron soon returned to the spot where he saw the UFO and found a small circular depression in the farm field measuring three feet across and only a few inches deep. He said you had to walk up to it to notice it in the grass but that it was there.

Within a few days of reporting what he had seen he was then interviewed in the local newspaper where he retold his account. A week after the article went to print he was visited by two men whom he assumed by their dress and appearance were from the government. They proceeded to ask him several questions about his sighting and then brought out a black book filled with diagrams and depictions of several types of UFOs and asked him to identify the specific one he saw. They then left and he has never been approached by similar men since.

A very good, detailed and thorough interview with Ron and other locals involved with these two incidents can be viewed at the YouTube link below.

Interestingly this same region has been known for its continued UFO sightings to this day.

The highly coincidental death of Gary only a few days later causes one to pause for a moment and consider the possibility that perhaps he too had seen the UFO at the same location and that his headlights also bent causing him to oversteer to the left. Unfortunately this time he, unlike Ron, had not seen the tree in time and impacted it fataley.

If this is so, then what was a UFO doing in the same field, likely at the exact same location only two days later.

The UFO its self seemed fairly small. A thin disc only 15 feet across cast doubts that it was occupied by humans, or if even at all. Perhaps it was a drone of some sort alien or otherwise.


I find this account by Ron Sullivan very compelling and believe it is one of the most outstanding UFO cases in Australia let alone the world for many reasons.

First is that he gives a stunning and detailed account of the UFO which he saw from a relatively close distance.

Second. He almost died during the incident. And one can argue the the same UFO was responsible for inadvertently killing a second witness.

Third is because of the many clues the account leaves us with that can help understand the nature of some types of UFO craft and what is going on with them. Particularly the bending of light, the soft glow and the fun house effect of the ufo casting a mirror image of itself.

Lets focus on the light bending aspect first. Although, its not commonly known, the bending of beams of light in proximity to a UFO has been reported several times before. The most well documented was in August of 1949 in what was called the Norwood UFO case. In this instance a large circular UFO hovered over a carnival taking place in Norwood, Ohio. A 8 million candle-watt search light was employed for the carnival and it was noticed that when the beam of the search light came within a certain radius of the disc it bent at 26 degrees towards the UFO. Adding to this spectacle, it was said by witnesses that five smaller triangular shaped craft were seen leaving the larger disc and inspecting the beam of light. Although the triangular ships, visible to the naked eye, were not captured by photographers that night, the larger UFO its self has including photos of the beam bending abruptly towards the craft. Photos of this can be seen at this link below.


Now why would a beam of light bend towards the UFO? It's certainly strange to imagine such a thing happening and even harder to explain by many.

Some say it must be due to gravitational lensing from the supposed anti-gravity drive. The light bending as it encounters intense gravitational fields projected by the UFOs propulsion. But upon examination and some consideration this makes very little sense. Gravity waves strong enough to warp space time and bend light would be doing much more than simply bending light. They'd be destroying everything within proximity including the car and Mr Sullivan. Intense and sharp time rate gradients caused by the "gravity bubble" would tear apart (literally) objects that came into contact with the field. So gravity wave propulsion isnt doing what happened here.

Intense electrical or time varying magnetic fields from some imagined "gravito electric" drive would fry electronics and probably cook people too (literally via induction). Headlights wouldn't simply dim or the beams be bent and failed car engines restart later. They'd just be shorted out altogether. So that couldn't be it.

Now lets examine the beam of light bending towards the UFO again. We know that light bends during refraction.

The UFO casting a mirror image of its self with multi coloured lights in between each image. Again sounds like dispersive light in a refractive medium.

Is something else going on with UFOs than gravity propulsion? Are the details of the Burkes Flat clues to what could be really going on? Were there ways for humans to cause such anomalous effects even 70 years ago?

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