Alien Shot Dead at Fort Dix

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Alien Shot Dead at Fort Dix

Unread post by Searcher » Mon Aug 26, 2019 1:32 pm

sensesonfire wrote:
I do not find it beyond the realms of the possibility that Satan himself would allow the destruction and capture of these creatures to make it as believable as possible to humans to the existence of these so-called aliens he is after all the great deceiver.

Here is an interesting case of an alien being shot by a policeman and discovered dead by the air force base personnel.
UFOs were reported flying near the McGuire Air Force Base and nearby Fort Dix Base in Trenton, New Jersey, before state Police requested entry to investigate.

But the events which allegedly then unfolded go way beyond the traditional UFO sighting.

It is claimed a military police officer based at Fort Dix reported seeing "a low-flying object pass over his car" as he drove.

After braking, he claimed to see in front of his car "a small being with a large head, black eyes, and a very slender body".

He claims he panicked, got out of the car and pulled out a .45 automatic gun, before demanding the being lay on the floor.

But, after his request was ignored, he fired a number of shots.

The wounded creature is alleged to have jumped a fence into the McGuire base before heading down a runway.

But, according to the case, it then collapsed dead.

Sgt Jeff Morse is listed as a witness who allowed police access to the scene.

But it is alleged that this was a pseudonym he was given to avoid his true identity getting out.

According to, police found: "The body, crouched in a fetal position, not breathing.

"It was indeed dead. Shocked, but keeping with protocol, they began to rope off the area.

The creature was loaded onto a C-141 cargo aircraft and flown to Wright-Patterson airforce base in Dayton Ohio. This was the base the Roswell aliens were being housed.

One reason amongst others I believe these aliens to be demonic is when they discovered the body the investigators were unable to get within 12 feet of this entity because of the offensive, foul-smelling odour emitted. It is generally acknowledged that demons give off a disgusting, fetid smell.
John A Keel was a journalist turned investigator and had a lot of hands-on experience with cryptids especially as everybody knows his involvement with the Mothman phenomenon in Point Pleasent, West Virginia. I'm more inclined to listen to people who have recorded and witness such events. (detective)
It's one of the most controversial encounters of all time. I have found Major George Filer's Disclosure Project account about what he knew to be worth viewing.

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Re: Alien Shot Dead at Fort Dix

Unread post by sensesonfire » Tue Aug 27, 2019 1:54 pm

Hi Searcher,

It's interesting to note that in that video and similarly in some others it does not mention the malodorous smell of the alien creature what they come up with is that they hosed it down to preserve it. I have a recorded program from the History Channel UFO Conspiracy - Hunt For the Truth where it does mention the airforce base personnel investigating could not get near the entity because of the putrid smell and that is the reason it was hosed down.
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