The Pentyrch UFO Incident

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The Pentyrch UFO Incident

Unread post by gregvalentine » Mon May 03, 2021 2:31 pm

Apparently occurred in 2016 in Wales. I've never heard of it, but that doesn't indicate much. From a link at Sasquatch Chronicles, and the YouTube is dated today May 3, so it's "hot off the press":

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Re: The Pentyrch UFO Incident

Unread post by bassplyr » Tue May 04, 2021 7:05 am

Excellent short documentary thats well produced regarding a witnesses interpretation of 2016 Excercise Chameleon in Cardiff, Wales. She didn't understand what she was witnessing and jumped to ufos and aliens. But thats to be expected considering what she saw is not common for civilians to see. And they can look pretty spooky.

I think she saw a bunch of c130j and chinooks supported by raf special tactics personel in a joint army/raf excercise.

The E3 was likely on a hold pattern waiting on final approach to the local raf base in cardif. Which is why it was so low. It did its part earlier. and more likely a second awac was orbiting up at a higher altitude during the whole "ufo" sighting.

Some interesting clues in the witnesses account. First the e3 being in the area. Wonder what it saw.

The red orbs forming the triangle were not the outline of a craft. It had a specific purpose. The shafts of glowing light going from it to the ground and then the following orbs ejecting on the other end are in line with what the witness is describing. And it makes total sense.

The green orb bobbing around was not part of the red triangle. Its telling that it went infront of the aircraft inserting. They werent chasing it they were purposely following behind it.

She felt "energized" and "fuzzy" when she was in proximity to one of the smaller red ones because she was getting a dose of soft xrays.

Also likely why there were trace radioactive readings around the area and why trees were removed and or damaged.

I think she embellished a little. Maybe not on purpose. I think the snowing bit was bogus though.

Nothing crashed. And the military knew fully what was going on and understandably arent going to say. Do you really want the Chinese to start getting ideas as to western tactics.

Sadly the witness mrs clarke is adamant she saw alien craft that night. And in the comments below the video is defensive about that. But she's simply mistaken and doesnt know what she saw nor what shes talking about.

I believe the vip aircraft spotted in the area later was coincidental. But that the surveillance aircraft flying around the day before were part of the operation.

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