Audio from attempted abduction on Friday

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Audio from attempted abduction on Friday

Unread post by Hauntedman » Thu May 20, 2021 7:20 am

Some of you may have heard ongoing audio from my research here in New Zealand. Last Friday I caught the mother load. While the gain is high for some of the recording you can still make out what is being said (headphones advised). I have been doing instrument trans-communication sessions for years. Finally it is paying off. I was out in the a wild area at the request of the voices on audio. I heard movement, footfalls and on the tip of hearing voices, some very deep. The man that you hear on the audio I cannot hear 'live' through the headphones (his voice only shows up in the recording after). I am using a radio shielded wildlife mic with a parabolic. The man's voice has been captured the last few times I have been out there in different areas. In the past he has talked about "the UFO I travel with" and they talked on Friday about taking me.

This is a sliver of the messages that got caught. I am still combing through. They also mention about inserting me into their ship. They talk of humans, taking sperm telling me to turn off my cameras, and basically taking me. They try to reassure me that they wont 'kill' me. What I have not including is the many erotic messages that I got too. Voices calling me by name. I took a man with me about 3 months back, he experienced and heard things including affecting him at his home. Picking up multiple beings including ones that sound like Bigfoot. Some people can't believe what I can't and say you made it up on computer. Cognitive dissonance. The man you hear talks about them have some kind of hard landing but they are okay. He has talked and warned me about my father about to die. My video upload for file size through the podcasting software is maxed at 200 mb. Not in this playback one of the beings who came to the attention, I believe from the activity asked to be taken on board and was denied. I have a background in doing paranormal investigating and Bigfoot research. Including being the media over here.

The area concerned where the sound was recorded is steep, slippery, void of tracks for hiking. I nearly busted my knee one time climbing into it. From the podcast out a couple of days ago. Still going through the audio there is around 2 hours.

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