UFO travels around 1400 km/h caught on drone video

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UFO travels around 1400 km/h caught on drone video

Unread post by Hauntedman » Sat Dec 04, 2021 11:23 am

UFO caught on my drone camera during B roll filming in New Zealand. I have a link to the youtube for the footage and also an article about as to why it is anomalous. On May 9 2020, my spark drone captures something moving very fast while filming B Roll for my documentary on New Zealand's Bigfoot. UFO travels from top of mountain area to near ground level. Too fast for a drone or a bird (no wing movement) around 1200 kms a hour (estimated via Google Earth). Travels over a house as it nears ground level. What is it? View from large screen not cel phone as it may be hard to see.https://youtu.be/5dPQqNIZkFM

Some think this is a bird but here is what a bird looks like on the same drone (body of bird barely visible but wing movement is fairly obvious): https://youtu.be/JwAW7AKegyk

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