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Why ET’s stay away?! (Hear why from them)

Posted: Thu Jul 14, 2022 8:29 pm
by Hauntedman
I’m a paranormal investigator and producing a film about the local Bigfoot and UFOs etc.
The very strange voices I record in the wild mountains in New Zealand-some are here (some are evp’s and some I can hear…they talk of “humans killing Azimoes”. I have seen ufos, been followed in remote areas, found footprints and had the strange voices that call out to me. I have captured Bigfoot like calls and very strange what I consider to be some kind of ET. I have interviewed a number of people who have experienced similar to me. Most do not want to talk openly. These are mostly captured on my professional wildlife mics that are designed to block RF & EMF.

Some of them call my name. I have hundreds of these very strange communications that are not hikers or tourists. They are recorded mostly in dangerous areas that off limits to the general public. There are also restrictions about wandering into the wilderness because of native Kauri tree dieback disease that is killing off these beautiful native tree giants.

I also engage in I.T.C. or instrumental trans-communication sessions to gain intel on what’s going on (though I seldom share those sessions). What you see/hear here in this video is the tip of the anomaly iceberg! Hear intelligent responses to me. Some of the voices are very powerful (in April 2022 I captured hours of audio footage of these reverbing howls along with having stones thrown at me from the darkness below)