Why Has A Body of Bigfoot Never Been Found???

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Re: Why Has A Body of Bigfoot Never Been Found???

Unread post by falke62 » Thu Sep 14, 2023 6:27 am

Dear sensesonfire,
I know this eyewitness account of a woman in her car being overtaken by a Yowie at 100km/h. There are similar reports of Mothman running after cars at similar speeds. Only they are not suitable for arguing whether they have to eat or not.
In truth, we know too little about interdimensional beings and can only draw conclusions from observations and our very limited understanding of our world. I'm not making any exceptions, probably neither my scientific nor your religious background is sufficient.
In my opinion, it cannot be clarified whether the Dogman fled because of the prayer or because he believed he had scared the man enough. But it may be healing if, in conversation about cryptids, we become aware of the blinders that religion and science have put on us.

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Re: Why Has A Body of Bigfoot Never Been Found???

Unread post by themanfromglad » Sat Sep 16, 2023 5:18 pm

Positive light? No takers? Same with all native tribes? Well let me screw up the polling then because in my several hundreds of paranormal interactions with the American Bigfoot, my conclusion is that they are basically looking to make new human friends. When I ventured into a new area where the Bigfoot were unfamiliar with me, some initially tried some standard methods of scaring me out of their area, except I never left but instead I initiated some conversation that they could only hear telepathically. I voiced my prediction that they they needed a human friend that will protect them and that they in turn can protect. Then they quickly calmed down and either became quiet or showed signs of friendly communication. Albeit a very crud level of communication. At best I could get a yes or no answer by having them "break a branch" to signify a "yes" answer, and simply remaining quiet would signify a "no" answer. The two most complicated questions or requests I made and got positive feedback back was: 1. Are you 4th dimensional? and 2. Please stomp your feet 10 times.

So there you have it. I guess that they are now going to have to rewrite the history books. And of course there is nothing to stop the Aussie researchers from trying something similar to what I was successful at. Go for it! One tip. Don't be a hunter and try this because in my opinion, hunters are always looking to kill something when out in the boonies so they then would be thinking about killing a Bigfoot, which the Bigfoot will telepathically pick up in a heart beat and may not be interested in cooperating with said hunter with killing on his mind.

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