How well can they read our thoughts?

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How well can they read our thoughts?

Unread post by Pertys80 » Sun Jan 03, 2021 5:01 am

G'day everyone, seasons greetings..
I thought I'd share an experience I had 2 nights ago while staying with relatives at Umina beach..
We were enjoying a few drinks on the back patio, when I brought up the subject of Yowies, lol..
Moments after showing a few vids of things I had found and sounds I had captured, we started hearing what sounded like tree knocks coming from the neighbouring Brisbane Water National Park.
Needless to say my hosts were pretty shaken, as the whole event lasted around an hour.. Sounded like they were coming from two separate locations, but far beyond any human dwelling and at 11pm..
I did record a few minutes worth on my phone, but kicking myself for not choosing a quieter time to record as a hooning car drowns out a fair bit of it..
I'll share a few images to give you an idea of my location at the time..
Here is the link to the video, as usual youtube does their best to destroy the sound quality but the knocks are there nonetheless.
For me personally, this was all too conveniant to be a coincidence, and further bolsters my beleif there is indeed a supernatural element to this phenomenon..
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Re: How well can they read our thoughts?

Unread post by Dion » Tue Jan 05, 2021 5:17 pm

I dont think anyone can conclusively say they know for sure, there is certainly an idea out there that they can read our thoughts, and I tend to lean that way myself.

There is also the idea that on different plains of existence (dimensions) that all thoughts are known in some of those plains, so for instance if you where talking or thinking about the Yowies and they just happened to be listening in a certain dimension they may be able to interact on the physical. Just as when you get ghosts or UFO's know when you are talking or thinking about them they can interact with you. My belief is everything is interconnected, even for the stuff we cant see.

But hey thats just my opinion.
“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” - Nikola Tesla

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Re: How well can they read our thoughts?

Unread post by micathia » Thu Jan 07, 2021 2:44 pm

From what I read and no way able to prove:

Reading other's mind, or mind control physical stuff is kinda basic skill for all intelligent beings. However, we, ape-bred human beings, particularly suck on this for a reason. The reason was...we were made to be easily controlled as a slave race by those who created us, to whom we called gods. This made us weak that almost every other alien race can somehow manipulate our minds.

Aliens live among us, they do NOT disguise themselves, they made up our mind to see them as normal persons, even sexy sometimes.

We, humans, were urged by many parties, either tribal shamans, some religious gurus, aliens, pay attention to spiritual development instead of pure physical "science and technologies". Just because we are under average in terms of mind capabilities.

Native American shamans know how to use the herbal mix to create a brain status in that your consciousness can roam to another realm in a control process. So the controlled process I mean the whole action won't damage your soul/consciousness, unlike a heavy dose of meth. While your brain under that status, you will see humans differently. You will able to see an egg-shaped aura around each person. Healthier persons, more enlightened persons have more colorful aura. While drug addicts, evil persons, have less colourful even grey aura. Then you will see..some people on the street, don't have aura at all. They are not humans.

So back to the main question. It's not how well they read us. It's how suck we let every other race to see our naked mind.

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Re: How well can they read our thoughts?

Unread post by sensesonfire » Fri Jan 15, 2021 1:16 pm

Yowies can communicate with humans other than by wood knocking. Psychic communication/telepathy.
I've referred to this comment of Ruby Lang's from Dean Harrison's The Yowie - page 1. on a number of occasions.

 Psychic Communication. Not surprisingly, the O'Connors eventually decided the hairy giants had more in common with spirits than they did with normal animals, so Sue tried contacting the creatures mentally. Eventually, on 31 October 2000, she established a telepathic link with what purported to be their regular visitor - a female yowie. The creature conveyed that it resided in the "Black Dimension" but was a benign "being of light" which was drawn to her and her garden. It conveyed its disapproval of the word ? yowie? and seemed to say it was ? of the bunyip race?. Among other things it informed Sue, it was immensely old -essentially immortal.

Ruby Lang's report is a stunning testimony and a must-read. (detective)
Luke 21:26
Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

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Re: How well can they read our thoughts?

Unread post by Hauntedman » Mon Jan 18, 2021 3:33 pm

I realised they were beyond what we think of being 'animals' when some approached me and I could not see them only hear their footsteps. One time in the isolated bush area I heard a tree knock right next to me though I could see nothing. I have picked up vocals, found strange footprints, been followed etc. I have certainly experienced what is called the 'woo' aspect or supernatural. They have been calling out to me to come up to them as well. I believe are in a hidden tunnel entrance on a very steep slope where I get most of the activity. This is in New Zealand. I have experienced these beings coming into my home and causing poltergeist type activity. They know us very well more than we can imagine. My story gets unbelievable but I am lucky to have some audio and working on more captures. Video being the most challenging. Though I discover they just want to be my friend. My first encounter was by Skinwalker Ranch in Utah before I moved back to NZ. Some other researchers here have been getting some of the weird stuff too. Thanks for sharing. I want to be invited into their realm and see things as they do. There seems to be a piggyback affect to the phenomenon. My most recent video podcast:

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