Documentary film intro: The X Rated Files: Followed from Skinwalker

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Documentary film intro: The X Rated Files: Followed from Skinwalker

Unread post by Hauntedman » Sun Dec 17, 2023 3:56 pm

Marc Coppell is a fortean style researcher/investigator with many experiences dealing with poltergeists, shadow people, ufo's, instrumental trans-communication (or ITC), after-life visits, having lived with various hauntings including performing/assisting in clearings. Marc discusses being followed from the outskirts of Skinwalker Ranch in 2013. Marc's film is a compilation of strangeness in his ten years of research into the inter-dimensional aspects of the Bigfoot people and others.

Investigator/filmmaker, Marc Coppell, does a pre-screening intro to his documentary "The X Rated Files: Followed from Skinwalker" Marc gives some background into the genesis of the film including actual encounters with ufo's and associated beings-some of which is recorded. Also gives a background of Skinwalker Ranch as told by the likes of George Knapp, KLAS investigative reporter. Audio starts off with some issues. Marc starts off talking about a oblong tic tac silver ufo sighting in the Southern Nevada desert off the highway to Nelson Nevada.

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