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Strangeness recorded alone in the wild at night in NZ

Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2024 11:06 am
by Hauntedman
Approached in the wild at night! This is from October 2022. Strange stone clack sounds and bi-pedal footsteps can be heard along with voices that are close by. There are no public tracks out there. You can see me with my main parabolic mic that I record many of the strange communications... Hear strange voices-there are also night birds too. Hear an evp right next to me. See below for time stamp. I have had stones thrown at me from here, recorded strange voices-some mention my name and mention the Bigfoot people etc. Welcome to my very strange life and the mamoth pursuit for answers. Location of strangeness: 2.48 Stone clack sound 03.20 Strange hum sound 3.51 stone clack 04.06 stone clack 5.27 voice seems to be calling out “aliens!?” 6.21 stone clack sound 6.48 stone clack sound 7.47 Stone clack sound 08.44 voice calls out “We’re aliens!?” 9.31 EVP “please” 9.53 stone clack sound 11.21 stone clack sound 13.30 … movement in the grass near me (foot steps?) Best with headphones.