Immersion and Habituation - getting them used to you.

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Immersion and Habituation - getting them used to you.

Unread post by TrevorPeters » Sat Jan 16, 2016 3:43 pm

Following on from my earlier post...
Rusty mentioned to me that he had a book called Field and Laboratory Methods in Primatology, although it was a bit heavy going in some parts.

I managed to find a downloadable copy of Chapter 2 - Habituating Primates and it got me thinking about the effort that may be required to ultimately be successful in capturing indisputable evidence of an unknown hominid.
One of the main methods of getting animals used to you (habituating) is the supplemental feeding trick.
I have seen this mentioned in many posts on this forum already, but what I am interested in is some of the other things mentioned such as:
  • Means of entry (not disrupting their environment or trails as much as possible, establishing your own trails if you can)
    Low key initial approach (small presence, not the outback safari style encampment)
    No cameras first up as this can be seen as pointing a threatening big "eye" at them
    Developing your own, non-threatening signal to let them know you are there
So when people approach the task of searching for the Yowie how do you all go about it in terms of time spent?
I would imagine there would be a large difference in the amount of free time people have available.
Is anyone using the long long term approach and currently providing food at established known sites?
Have you gone the next step and spent significant time at or near the feeding post so "all manner of creatures can become acclimated to yer presence"?

Ever curious
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