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Posted: Sat Aug 20, 2022 2:40 pm
by Woodenbong
Anyone found droppings left by a yowie

Re: Scats

Posted: Sun Aug 21, 2022 1:54 pm
by Woodenbong
Theses are even harder to find than the yowie, but I have had the luck of find 2 on seperate occasions in different locations
The first one found was steaming hot when I came across it, it was near a bed/ nest structure by the side of a stream
This thing was at least 40 cm in length and as round as a nectarine, the animalthatdepositedcwadnt to far from me, by the temp of the dropping.
I let the dropping dry out so I could exam8ne the contents and Is was primarily made of bark, seed pods, black crickets , beetles and bracken fern. This thing stunk like you wouldn’t believe, it was rotten. I approached a guy by the name of Chris Newton who was associated with the skookum cast and he wanted me to send a sample to USA, I obliged and sent part of to him in 5 zip lock bags and an envelope and you could still smell it, wether he got it or not I don’t know, I never heard a word from him, he believed he could get the DNA of the stomach bile.
The second find was just sheer luck, the dropping was hidden under a pile of stick, the sticks were neatly placed over the dropping to hide it I presume, there wouldn’t be any other reason to hide it