Odd & Interesting Tid-bit

A topic for sightings and tales regarding all water based creatures from Australia and the World.
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Odd & Interesting Tid-bit

Unread post by M-glass » Sat Aug 10, 2019 3:24 pm

The following is part of an interview with Ivan T Sanderson (Ivan Terence Sanderson (January 30, 1911 – February 19, 1973) was a biologist and writer born in Edinburgh, Scotland, who became a naturalized citizen of the United States. Sanderson is remembered for his nature writing and his interest in cryptozoology and paranormal subjects. He also wrote fiction under the name Terence Roberts. source Wikipedia)

RG is the interviewer
ITS is Ivan T Sanderson
RG: Yes, ha. You’ve come across many reports that have been explained away, such as the one from Tasmania involving a “marine turtleback” on a beach.

ITS: What makes you think that was a marine turtleback? Where did you get that idea from? Well, I call it a globster. Oh no, no, the marine turtleback is a different thing altogether.

RG: I think “devil jelly” is another name for it.

ITS: No, that’s another thing again! Devil jelly are great hunks of jelly which are so cold, they burn you. They’re a sort of mauveish color and they dissolve or vaporize in air. They seem to just fall out of the sky, sometimes in connection with UFOs, and other times just “bonk!” there it is, this horrible-looking mess. The marine turtlebacks were discussed in Dr. Bernard Heuvelman’s book, In the Wake of the Sea Serpents. He broke down reports of sea monsters—several hundred of them—into seven categories. One of them he called, “The Giant Turtle.”

No, these funny things that have been washed up on the beaches of southern Australia and Tasmania—there have been about seven of them—I call globsters because they’re made of great hunks of flesh of some kind, but you can’t cut it with an axe. After lying for two years on a beach, a newspaper reporter took out his cigarette lighter, lit it, put it towards this stuff, and it all retreated. The moment he took the flame away it all came out again. A big sergeant of police with a double-headed, professional axe couldn’t cut it. They had to go and get a power saw to cut a piece off. That’s only one that was lying there for two years. It was still alive, apparently.

he funny thing was that naturally everybody said that it must have been a sea-animal of some kind washed up by a great storm from the bottom of the sea. And then a strange old gentleman in Hobart, Tasmania popped up. This is what started all the excitement: He published a tract and said, “Look here. I know of three more of these that have popped up over the last ten or twenty years. They didn’t come out of the sea after storms,” he said, “they fell out of the sky.” Well, this puts the whole thing in an entirely different light! The local government then stepped in, and that was the last anyone ever again heard about them. The local officials even brushed off a reporter from the National Geographic Society.
Source: http://richardgrigonis.com/Ch10%20Charl ... 0Fort.html

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Re: Odd & Interesting Tid-bit

Unread post by Mad Academic » Sun Aug 11, 2019 2:44 am

Yeah, sure. They all fell out of the sky.
And "just happened" to land on a beach! LOL

Dead whales...

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