Western Australian encounter 2018 proposed national park area

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Western Australian encounter 2018 proposed national park area

Unread post by Old Rick » Sun Sep 12, 2021 11:49 pm

Guys here my encounter from 2018
Well firstly about me , well grew up on a farm, been in the bush since I could walk, avid hunter , trapping, shooting and tracking skills , farm sold rifles sold , brought camera gear became an avid wildlife Photographer , worked for a large supermarket chain, my rostered day off was a Thursday, this was my unwind day from the stresses of work would venture out with my camera , had been doing this since 2008, favorite place a large woodland area close to me ( 20 minutes away) now a proposed National Park , would always get out early before daylight to start to do my adventures, had my favorite tracks I would do because I knew what animals or birds I could find ( especially our state emblem trying not to give too much away as it is endangered) one favorite track I used and had traveled many times before was where the tale takes place.
Driving along, camera on the seat, both windows down I would drive along this track turn around at the crossroads and venture back so as to check both sides of the track, this was never at any more than about 15klm per hour as too fast you will miss animals and frighten birds, I had done other roads and tracks already and had been doing this from about first light, it was about 10.30 -10.45am.
As I got to a spot on the track A sudden powerful feeling of threat , fear and danger hit me, never before had I had to fear anything our bush has , I stopped dead and look ahead then a putrid horrible stench drifted into the Ute cab , smelt worse than rotten meat almost like the smell of a gut shot animal only worse I felt like having a good chuck , but I kept looking ahead , I could sense something ahead in the thick scrub , shook myself a bit to take it all in but my eyes would look to this one spot ahead about 30-40 meters just to the left . I could hear in my head get out of here Now, Danger. But here I was no place to do a 3 point turn and the old Ute wasn’t fast. I sat there for what seemed like ages, believe me scared twitless all the while sensing danger ahead, so I reasoned in my mind, no I'm going straight ahead to hell with it, if anything charges me, I will run it down, if the worst happens, they will find evidence from the damage on the front of the Ute and find out what it is. With that I slammed the Ute into gear and floored it, as I got to the area, I was expecting whatever it was too full-on charge at me but the strangest thing happen I had this mind picture of this blurry creature about 5 feet tall looking at me and slinking backwards around a stump in an endeavor to avoid me, I shot passed up the track about 3 or 4 km before I stopped, thinking what the hell just happened I decided I must be going silly in my old age and shook things off and thought well I might get some bird photos if I turn around and go back might find that dead Roo remain I must of smelled , so I did got back to the spot , no bad feeling no dead Roo no nothing , yep I'm losing the plot I though decided I must have low blood sugar so had a cuppa and a sandwich and continued on my adventure, about an hour and a half had passed since I turned around and went back and now I was just in hunt mode looking for wildlife images I had left the encounter area and was on another track came to a steep gully area and saw some small bird near the road so I slowed to a holt got out and tried for a photo that’s when I heard a knock in the bush a fair distance away didn’t think much of it at first till I heard the second louder know on the thick scrubby hill just up from me , that feeling of dread hit hard again , I didn’t hang around photography was done for this day , I bolted home , you know I have missed signs out there rocks place on rocks at the trackside , a dead kangaroo top half strangely hung in the folk of a tree too high for any man to put there unless standing on the back of a vehicle, it was only a few months ago I watched a YouTube video from Scott Carpenter in the US or Canada area he had some blurry images of almost the exact being is saw in my mind I kid you not, I then listened to a native American talk about listening to these warnings and treat with respect , that’s my intention if I ever encounter anything again

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Re: Western Australian encounter 2018 proposed national park area

Unread post by sensesonfire » Mon Sep 13, 2021 1:24 pm

G'day Old Rick welcome to the forum,

Great encounter you had there these events are becoming more prevalent not sure if there is an increase in Yowie population or they are becoming more brazen in making their presence felt. You did the right thing in getting yourself out of there that was what they were trying to do.

just like to say without turning it into a paranormal episode there are other entities that leave a fetid, putrid smell as you encountered.
'' During the time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act".....George Orwell.

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