Sighting: Oallen Ford Road - Windellama, NSW

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Sighting: Oallen Ford Road - Windellama, NSW

Unread post by Mbdec » Thu Dec 20, 2018 7:19 pm

Wednesday 19/12/18.
Time: approx 12/12:30pm.

I Had been drilling in Braidwood and surrounding areas since Monday, on Wednesday morning we headed out for our last job before heading home.

Left quite early, from Braidwood.
At 4:45 along Nerriga Road toward Oallen Ford Road for a 6am start.
Nerriga Road is unsealed in sections and provided an interesting drive to site with Deer, roos and foxes scampering across the road in dim light to keep us on our toes.

Oallen Ford Road is a pretty remote segment of road, bordering Bungonia state forest on the East side and Remote bushland running past the Shoalhaven river and smaller rivers on the West.
Left site at 11:30am heading North west towards Bungonia to join the highway at Marulan to head home on the Hume Highway.

I had the music going admiring the rugged scenery on the drive as I navigated the windy bends back to the highway.

Somewhere between Masons and Owens road and Windellama Road/ Lumley Road , I glanced to the left as I came around a slight bend I noticed a large, quick sleek black shape with a long tail, bound along for a quick moment and run down into an embankment which looked like a dry dam.

I was in disbelief, and instantly went through what other animal it could have been ? The speed and way it ran with the long tail I instantly thought of cat, there’s no other animal it could have been from what I saw.
Easily bigger than my kelpie at home and the tail was quite long, 1m at glance.

Kicking myself for not stopping and going to have a look but it was approx 50m from the roadside and in a 100k zone , so I had travelled past the area quite quickly.

From what I saw I have no doubt that it was a large cat of some kind.

Anyone else have recent sightings from the area?

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Re: Sighting: Oallen Ford Road - Windellama, NSW

Unread post by Rusty2 » Sat Dec 22, 2018 3:29 pm

Thanks for sharing your experience Mbdec !
There's been quite a number of sightings down this neck of the woods , I've seen 3 (in 30 years) and have heard and read about many more , mostly large black cats although one I heard of was brown and was stalking calfs . The ones I saw I'd describe as cougars or something similar .
Yeah I noticed the long tails too . One I saw had a belly which was almost touching the ground , I guess she was prenant .
I love that Nerriga road but there's something spooky about the place .

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